Simple Ways to Slash Burn Calories This Summer ...

By Jennifer

Simple Ways to Slash  Burn Calories This Summer ...

Why is it so much easier to diet and exercise in the winter? It's just too hot to work out in the summer, and cooking? No thank you! Don't want to make the house any hotter than it is. No worries though! There are loads of simple ways to slash and burn calories, even in the hottest weather. Here are a few of my faves.

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1 Drink up!

beauty, supermodel, fashion, hairstyle, dress, This makes so much sense! Skip the sugary soda and frappe and gulp down icy-cold water (with or without lemon) instead. If you normally drink two sodas a day, this simple switch will cut almost 500 empty calories from your diet.

2 Make like a Mermaid

clothing, image, swimwear, beach, vacation, I mean, if you're going to the pool or the beach this summer, why not actually swim while you're there? and hour of slow laps will burn about 400 calories.

3 Switch Your Sandwich

dish, meal, eating, sense, food, This is another simple swap that's going to save you some calories: when you make a sandwich this summer, instead of using bread, wrap your fixings in a lettuce leaf. You'll save about 150 calories here, and 100 more if you skip the mayo, too.

4 Crunch Crunch!

dish, food, meal, breakfast, produce, One of my favorite things about summer is that all my fave fruits and veggies are in season! When it's snack time, crunch some carrots and bite into some berries! By munching fruits and veggies instead of chips or candy, you'll cut about 100 calories per snack.

5 Walk It off

clothing, blue, dress, fashion, spring, Want to burn 100 easy calories? Go for an evening walk, after dinner, once it's cooled off a bit.

6 Grow Your Own

clothing, glasses, brown hair, hairstyle, long hair, If you've never grown and eaten your own tomatoes, this is the summer to do it! First of all, fresh tomatoes are a delicious snack, and second of all, gardening can help you burn about 200 calories an hour. Win!

7 Freeze!

clothing, lady, footwear, beauty, leg, A single scoop of plain vanilla ice cream contains about 140 calories. A cup of frozen orange juice, which is just as tasty, only contains 40. Make this simple swap and you'll cut 100 cool calories.

What other ways can you think of to cut and burn some extra calories this summer?

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i need to lose 5 lbs ! 😪

What's the name of the girl in the 2nd picture?

She is way too skinnyyyyy

Instead of night snacking drink chai seeds in water. It doesn't have much flavour but it will instantly take away cravings and the huge hunger I usually at 10pm.

I need to lose 20 lbs😂

Under #1. Drink up

I know

I'm dying to gain 5 lbs

I need to lose weight!!

It's too hot to eat anyway!

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