7 Signs 🚦 Your Partner πŸ‘« is Making You Gain Weight βš–οΈ ...

It’s a situation that we have time and time again, that thing when you, or someone that you know, gets into a relationship and due to a number of different reasons, starts to put on weight! Some people put this down to the fact that you don’t have β€˜try so hard’ anymore to impress the opposite sex because you have already bagged a boo, some people put it down to the fact that you are happier, and therefore more likely to indulge. No matter what it is, it is definitely a thing! What about, though, if it’s actually your new boo that is causing the problem? Here are seven signs your partner is making you gain weight!

1. They Eat Faster

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When you sit down together at meal times, he tends to eat much quicker than you, so you speed up to match his pace. By eating faster, you also tend to eat more, and doing this at every meal together can make for a little extra weight gain.

2. Drinking More

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It might not be food related at all. Couples who live together are more likely to crack open a bottle of wine every night, and drinking more means that you are ingesting more hidden calories than you think.

3. Food on the Counter

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If you live with someone who likes to leave food and snacks out on the counter, then your temptation to grab a handful or a forkful every now and then will be much greater. You know the saying out of sight, out of mind? Well, it’s pretty much the opposite of that!

4. Sweet Treats

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You never really had a sweet tooth before, but your new boo’s go-to snacks are things like cookies, ice cream, chocolate bars etc. If they are hanging around, and you are picking one or two things when you wouldn’t have before, then extra calories flow and extra pounds start to pile on without you even realizing!

5. TV Snacks

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When you settle down on the couch to watch a show or a movie together, the first things that come out are popcorn and sodas, all those kinds of unhealthy cinema snacks that you used to only indulge in when you were actually at the movie theatre! Now that he has made them a regularly part of your evenings, the extra calories are bound to make a difference!

6. Jealousy

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This is a weird one, but it’s true. If you have recently gone on a fitness journey and lost weight, your partner might be subconsciously envious of the progress you made, and without even realising it is deliberately making more fatty and indulgent meals to try to hinder your progress!

7. Comfort Eating

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If your relationship is going through a rough patch, you might be partaking in a lot of comfort eating. Sure, you are the one who is putting the food in your mouth, but it’s his actions in the relationship that are driving you to do so.

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