Chocolate Cake for Breakfast- Heres the Facts ...

By Dana

Chocolate  Cake  for Breakfast- Heres  the Facts  ...

Should you eat chocolate cake for breakfast?

There’s a new dieting sensation hitting breakfast tables commonly referred to simply as “The Chocolate Cake Diet.” The concept dates back to research from 2012 where scientists studied two different groups of overweight dieters.

The first set of subjects consumed a low carb diet throughout the day including a low-calorie breakfast. Group two ate the same foods at lunch and dinner, but their breakfast contained high-protein and high-carb foods from the dessert menu. This included selections such as chocolate cake and other sweet treats like donuts, cookies and ice cream.

It’s important to note that both group’s overall calorie count for the day was the same, but the chocolate lover’s breakfast came in at 600 calories compared to just 300 for the first group. Researchers were stunned to discover those with dessert on their breakfast plates lost more weight than the other group with a more traditional, most important meal of the day plan. So, should you eat chocolate cake for breakfast?

So that’s it then, we can all enjoy chocolate cake for breakfast and shed those unwanted pounds with this tasty diet. Not so fast, according to Australian nutritionist Melanie McGrice. This noted dietician from Down Under offers:

“If you go back and look at the details of the original study, the researchers found that eating a larger breakfast, including some desserts if desired, is better than eating larger meals throughout the day.”

That’s pretty much dieting 101 when it comes to eating smaller portions more often compared to a couple of larger meals. Melanie goes on to say, “That doesn’t mean that you can just replace your whole breakfast with chocolate cake.”

Fellow Aussie, dietician and author of “The Nude Nutritionist,” Lyndi Cohen, weighs in (pardon the pun) with her own advice:

“It doesn’t really matter whether you eat chocolate cake in the morning or at night. This study suggests that we may be better off eating chocolate cake in the morning, but whenever you choose to eat it, ensure your portion size is small and savor every mouthful.”

Both of these experts agree that eating chocolate cake on a daily basis, at breakfast or other times, isn’t the best idea nutritionally speaking, whether you’re watching your waistline or not. Lyndi goes on to elaborate on a healthy way to begin your day when she says,

“A fiber-rich breakfast like oats or a whole grain breakfast cereal or yogurt topped with seeds will help keep you feeling fuller and provide a healthy boost to your digestive system.”

In conclusion, this may be a case of taking the findings of a scientific study a little too much out of context. While it may be okay to have chocolate cake for breakfast, it shouldn’t be an everyday event for an overall healthy lifestyle.


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