Shopping Tips That Will save You Calories ...


Shopping Tips That Will save You Calories ...
Shopping Tips That Will save You Calories ...

Everyone needs to know some shopping tips that will save you calories. When you really take the time to think about it, it would be fair to say that the most important aspect of your life when it comes to cutting calories is in the types of shopping habits that you have when you go on your weekly grocery trip. If you can nip bad habits in the bud at the point of purchase, then many of the foods that are supplying you with too many calories will never have the chance to be present and tempting in your home! Allow me to help you out on your health journey with this list of great shopping tips that will save you calories.

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Make a List

Making a list is one of the top shopping tips that will save you calories. You should never, ever be going into a shop without a list of things to buy, because once you get in there, you will become a victim of advertising and impulse buying and end up purchasing lots of things that aren’t going to be part of a healthy, calorie saving diet! Don’t blame the store, they’re doing exactly what they should do in order to boost profits. The onus is on you to arrive with a set list of items, and only put those into your trolley!


Outer Perimeter

Try to stick to the out perimeter of the supermarket. These are the areas where the fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meats are going to be. The further into the middle aisles you go, the more you start to see the processed, pre-packaged options. If you don’t let that stuff enter your line of vision, you will never be tempted to buy it!


Never Shop Hungry

This is one of the worst things you can do! If you enter a food store when your tummy is rumbling, you are going to go straight for the fatty, unhealthy foods that will bring you the most immediate satisfaction. When humans are hungry, their ability to resist temptation is pretty non-existent!


Shop Alone

Write your own list and make a solo trip to the supermarket. One of the worst things you can do is take a child or a friend along with you, because they will always be pushing the boundaries of temptation, and not only will you end spending more money on more items, they will most likely be items that aren’t going to help you cut calories from your diet!

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