7 Shocking Moments on This Season's "Biggest Loser" ...


7 Shocking Moments on This Season's "Biggest Loser" ...
7 Shocking Moments on This Season's "Biggest Loser" ...

This past season of “The Biggest Loser” was monumental. I mean, all of the previous seasons were interesting, but this was the first time I felt compelled to watch every episode. What was different this time around, you ask? Well, first of all, this time it felt more like a support group rather than a cut-throat competition, and I loved that emotional connection! There were still a lot of shocking moments on this season’s “Loser” though, and here are a few of them, in case you missed them… and hey, SPOILER ALERT! I do mention who wins!

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Olivia Wins

Not that I ever doubted her resolve, but I was shocked when Olivia won this season’s “Biggest Loser.” There were so many times when it seemed like she was hanging on by a thread, but she came though and won it in the end… and she looks fabulous! I’m so happy she got to share that moment with her sister, Hannah, and with her husband.


Olivia Sings Opera

Olivia had always said she would sing opera on the show once she reached a certain weight threshold or goal, and she did it! I was delighted and moved by her voice, and by the song she chose to sing. Isn’t she spectacular? I hope she gets all those juicy roles she’s always wanted now.


Jay Comes Back!

I was so sad when Jen’s dad, Jay, had to leave the show, so I was thrilled when he came back! He was so good for so many of the other “Losers,” and I really was happy he came back… the look on his daughter’s face when he showed up was priceless!


Rulan Quits

What?! Was I the only one who didn’t see this coming? I was thoroughly surprised when he announced, just before his weigh-in, that he was leaving the ranch. I honestly had picked him to win it all. His true athleticism was really started to come through once he started shedding the pounds, and I thought he could go all the way. He didn’t even appear in the finale. This was truly one of the most shocking moments on this seasons “Biggest Loser.” Wow!


Brett Comes Back (trainer)

After Courtney went home, newbie trainer Brett had to leave too, because there was no-one left on his team to train. So it was one of the biggest shocks on this season of “The Biggest Loser” when he came back! I was glad to see him come back, too. I really liked his style, and I think he really helped a lot of the “Losers.”


Callie Wants to Quit

I adored Callie, and was so sad and shocked when she wanted to quit. She had made so much progress, but she was so frustrated, so emotionally drained, I didn’t blame her for wanting to go home… but I’m so glad she stayed, or she would have missed so much!


Austin is a Hottie!

When did this happen? Just a few weeks from the finale, I had an ah-ha moment: Austin totally looks (and acts) like someone my daughter would date! When did he become a total hottie? He’s absolutely adorable, and so sweet!


They’re All Women

Who would have imagined that the final 3 would all be women, and that the at-home winner, Deni, would also be a woman? You go, girls! I also loved that of the three finalists, two were sisters, and entire original “team” intact.

I loved this season of “Loser,” and now you know why! I loved the trip to New Zealand (especially all the bungee-jumping and what-not) and I’m so glad Olivia and Deni won! There were a lot of surprises, though, weren’t there? Which of these shocking moments from this season’s “Biggest Loser” made you gasp? Or was there another surprise that rocked you more?

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