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Ladies, thank you all for the amazing comments 💪 - you all gave such amazing advice, it was impossible to choose the best tip, again, we had to turn to random choosing and this week the winner of the giveaway is Emily! 🎉🎉🎉

But, since there are 2 Emilies participating, here's the profile of the winner: @Emily.

Emily, darling, please, e-mail me at and we'll arrange for the shipment of your Marshalls $50 gift card.

Thank you girls again and please stay tuned for the next giveaway! 😘 ❤️
Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time to step outside and exercise. If your mind is ready, but your body isn't, some cute workout clothes can change that! Luckily, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are holding a giveaway!

All you have to do is leave your favorite fitness hack in the comments. Whoever writes the best comment will win a $50 gift card! Then you can buy some of these cute items down below. The challenge ends on Monday night, March 21st, don't forget to check the comments to know if you won!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Athletic Top Back

Athletic Top Back Buy it for $24.99 on TJ Maxx

You'll look sleek and sexy in a top like this.


Athletic Top Front

Athletic Top Front Buy it for $24.99 on TJ Maxx

This shirt looks even better from the front!


Athletic Tops

Athletic Tops Buy it for $16.98 on Marshalls

If it's chilly out, you can slip into one of these cute tops.


Black and Grey Active Set

Black and Grey Active Set Buy it for $34.99 on Marshalls

Wearing an outfit like this will make you feel powerful, even before you start your workout!


Black and White Active Set

Black and White Active Set Buy i for $24.99 on Marshalls

This clothing set will make sure that you stay stylish and active at the same time.


Black and White Printed Leggings

Black and White Printed Leggings Buy it for $14.99 on Marshalls

You can never have too many leggings in your closet.


Blue Active Set

Blue Active Set Buy it for $12.99 and $19.99 on Marshalls

If you don't own any sports bras, you need to buy one ASAP!


Blue Athletic Top

Blue Athletic Top Buy it for $16.98 on Marshalls

You're bound to get compliments on a top this cute.


Blue Stripped Running Pants

Blue Stripped Running Pants Buy it for $24.99 on TJ Maxx

Your booty will look beautiful in these pretty pants.


Brown Windbreaker

Brown Windbreaker Buy it for $29.99 on Marshalls

You don't want to get sick, which is why you should wear a fashionable jacket like this when it's windy.


Fitness Gear

Fitness Gear Buy it for $19.99 on Marshalls

You can't get fit without the right gear, so make sure you pick up some of these bad boys!


Girls Athletic Leggings

Girls Athletic Leggings Buy it for $14.99 on TJ Maxx

If you want everyone to look your way during your workouts, pick up a pair of these flashy pants.


Green Foam Massage Roller

Green Foam Massage Roller Buy it for $16.99 on Marshalls

This will help you relax after you're through with your toughest workouts.


Green Sports Bra

Green Sports Bra Buy it for $14.99 on TJ Maxx

Not only will your boobs look great in this bra, but they'll be comfortable, too!


Green Water Bottle

Green Water Bottle Buy it for $12.99 on TJ Maxx

You can't forget to hydrate yourself when you workout, which is why this bottle is perfect for you!


Green Weights

Green Weights Buy it for $5.99 on Marshalls

Don't forget to tone your arms with weights like these.


Grey Camo Workout Top

Grey Camo Workout Top Buy it for $34.99 on Marshalls

A low-cut tank top like this will give you room to breathe.


Grey Zip up

Grey Zip up Buy i for $39.99 on Marshalls

This is the perfect thing to wear the next time you go running, don't you think?



Kettlebell Buy it for $6.99 on Marshalls

If you've never exercised with a kettleball before, it's time to change that.


Mint Fitness Accessories

Mint Fitness Accessories Buy it for $12.99, $5.99, or $7.99 on Marshalls

These fitness accessories will be just as useful as they are adorable.


Neon Pink Active Top

Neon Pink Active Top Buy it for $39.99 on TJ Maxx

If you want all of the boys to watch you while you work, wear a girly top like this one.


Nordic Leggings Folded

Nordic Leggings Folded Buy it for $14.99 on TJ Maxx

Here's another pair of leggings you need to add to your collection.


Nordic Leggings

Nordic Leggings Buy it for $14.99 on TJ Maxx

Don't they just look amazing?


Ombre Workout Pants

Ombre Workout Pants Buy it for $24.99 on Marshalls

You've heard of ombre hair and ombre nails. Now it's time to buy some ombre pants!


Pink and Black Printed Leggings

Pink and Black Printed Leggings Buy it for $14.99 on Marshalls

These will make you feel as badass as you'll look.


Polka Dot Active Set

Polka Dot Active Set Buy it for $34.99 on TJ Maxx

This will show off your stomach and your love of polka dots at the same time!


Printed Leggings

Printed Leggings Buy it for $14.99 on Marshalls

There's nothing cuter than these leggings.


Purple Athletic Top

Purple Athletic Top Buy it for $16.98 on Marshalls

This will give you a pretty pop of color.


Quoted Fitness Tees

Quoted Fitness Tees Buy it for $19.00 on Marshalls

You might as well make exercising more fun by wearing one of these silly tops.


Running Shoes

Running Shoes Buy it for $34.99 on Marshalls

Your shoes should be as jaw-dropping as you are, which is why you need a pair of these babies.


Tie Dye Running Pants

Tie Dye Running Pants Buy it for $14.99 on TJ Maxx

If you love tie dye, you'll love these pants!

Remember, if you'd like to win a $50 gift card for TJ Maxx and Marshalls, make sure you leave a comment telling us your best weight loss or fitness tip!

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One of my most favorite fitness hacks is using the Albolene cleanser under the gym clothes around the areas where I would like to sweat more during cardio or strength training. The cleanser is super moisturizing and also works great to trim down on areas with a lot of water. It will make you sweat like crazy! Also can be used during sauna.

Change YOUR mindset: you shouldn't view exercising as a chore, but something fun that will allow you to reach your goal (whatever that may be). If you have a positive mindset then when you face an obstacle you'll be able to get through it because you have that determination and reason. So, when you change your mindset only then will you be able to change your view about your body! So have fun and keep doing you :)

My favorite fitness hack is to stretch every day, as often as possible improving overall health and flexibility. By just stretching every day keeps joints flexible and helps you through your workout. Just 15 minutes of stretching can aid in maximizing the benefits of a workout while reducing stress and pain in the body. Just by doing this for the past few months I've become stronger and more flexible.


The best tip to plan your meals in advance so you can work around your busy schedule. Choosing something easy and healthy on a day that you're moving around a lot makes life much easier. I also use two separate Pandora stations to work out: pop and hip hop power work out radio and dance cardio radio. They both have very up beat songs that help with keeping the energy going through workout. I am also a firm believer of a cheat meal through out the week!

My go-to fitness hack: Always remember why you started. Wake up in the morning and have your fitness gear set out. Buy workout clothing that makes you feel energized and gets you pumped. I know when I look good and feel good in great workout clothes it pushes me to work harder and boosts my confidence. After a great intense work out look in the mirror and just tell yourself, "I made it"

I do squats in the shower, normally when I'm letting my conditioner set in. Two birds with one stone

Ladies, thank you all so much for participating! 🙏🏻 your tips are beyond amazing, you blew our minds!!! 💣 in order to choose the winner this week, we had to do random drawing and it is Emily!!! There are 2 girls with the same user name, please check out the profile link for the Emily who won in the post above. Congratulations again 🎉🎉🎉 and ladies, thank you so much for participating, please stay tuned for next giveaway later this week! 😘😘😘 wishing everyone a productive and great Tuesday ❤️❤️❤️ always yours, AllWomenStalk

My favourite fitness hack is take a walk come rain or shine. The best way to fit this in a busy day especially if you're on your way to work is to get off the bus a few stops early. Then walk at a fast pace holding your stomach in, chin and neck up. I've been doing this for 1 month without fail and have dropped a dress size. My thighs especially are slimmer as I get in to my jeans with ease now. Just remember feel the burn and finish off with a nice cold bottle of water when you reach your destination.

Fitness Hack: Create your own television workout game instead of a television drinking game. Replace the drinking with push-ups, bridges, whatever you want! There's no wrong way to do it and you have so much fun! It'll have you fit in no time, especially if you binge watch TV shows like it's nobody's business!

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