7 Secrets of Fit Women That You Should Know ...


7 Secrets of Fit Women That You Should Know ...
7 Secrets of Fit Women That You Should Know ...

Are you looking for secrets of fit women? You may see the woman at the gym that looks so naturally fit you think she was born to exercise or your favorite celebrity looking flawless on the cover of a magazine. You may wonder how they became so fit and strong. Maybe you think this is not in your own future because of your genetics but think again. These women have secrets that help them shape and chisel their bodies. These women are positive and know their identity. They face their fears and embrace themselves. There are little changes you can make in your life that go a long way. Here are the secrets of fit women:

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Every Moment Counts

I used to run for hours at the gym and at the end of the day I looked the same. All my hours pounding the gym treadmill produced little for me, other than occupy my time. I now take 45 minutes of a high intense workout and I see tremendous results. I have less time to exercise but I make every moment count! This is one of the major secrets of fit women.


Eat Mini Meals

I am sure you have heard to eat mini meals a million times, but what does this mean? If you are health conscious mini meals are common language for any weight loser. To lose big, mini meals are paramount! Mini meals should consist of low calorie, nutrient dense food such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit.


Bring Healthy Portable Snacks

A dieter’s best friend is healthy, portable snacks because these curb your appetite, boost your metabolism and ward away unhealthy cravings. Pack a bag of grapes, carrot sticks, and a low fat cheese stick in your bag as you run your daily errands. When you are hungry for a bite nosh away on these healthy portable snacks!


Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Stop taking the elevator to your 5th floor office or driving around for the closest parking spot. Walk to your destination to burn extra calories and become extra fit. For a bonus calorie burn run up the stairs!


Never Overeat

One of the major secrets of fit women is they never overeat; they eat for health. Stop stuffing yourself until your pants begin to tighten and listen to your hunger cues. If you eat mini healthy meals every 2-3 hours you will find it easier to eat for health rather than eating for pure pleasure.


Do Not Deprive Your Body

If you are craving a cookie and nothing will ward this craving off, have a cookie. The key to staying fit is learning moderation. If you stop at one cookie you will be fine, the key is to limit your sweets. Life in moderation is a great life you will enjoy!


Be Satisfied with Yourself

Love yourself for who you are. Embrace your body and it’s curves. Be proud of your features because this is your lovely gene pool you were blessed with. Being fit is about positive physical and mental health! Smile and be satisfied with yourself!

Be a fit and fabulous woman by following my secrets. Know that you can be anything you want to be. Just hold your head up smile and be proud to be you! Do you have any fit secrets you would like to share? I promise I will keep it a secret ;-).

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Everybody overeats occasionally, it\'s only human to. Sometimes we binge.

I find having a friend to report to as helpful as a support person and a motivator. Having a friend to exercise with helps keep me motivated.

Yay!! This is so helpful! In so glad I read this before eating or else I would have had some left over steak from last night. Not a great morning food, instead I had oatmeal!

I love working out I\'m soo dedicated

this is great advise I'm going to apply it. I've been trying to lose weight for two years now and after having my baby three months ago I've lost 31 pounds but that naturally slide off and I want to keep going with the weight loss so i'm looking up things that could help me out even with my busy schedule as a mom

I get cravings at night which is the problem I'm not a big daytime eater and breakfast is a chalange

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