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7 Scary Foods That Are Unhealthy for You ...

By Tara

Unfortunately there are a number of foods that are unhealthy and sitting on shelves at your grocer ready to be purchased by someone unaware. This unhealthy food can actually harm your body and cause cancer and other illnesses. So why is this harmful food sitting on shelves, you may ask? Well in the United States, the FDA approves a number of foods that are harmful for your body because of the small traces of chemicals included. This should enlighten you that reading your food labels is more important than ever. And when possible, choose organic because this means there are no artificial dyes or genetically modified ingredients and that is a relief because you will know what you are eating! Now here is a list of foods that are unhealthy and can be harmful to your body.

1 Boxed Macaroni and Cheese

Did you know the orange color in boxed macaroni and cheese is made from the same dyes to make coal tar? This is gross, I know! And this same dye is also used in products to kill lice. If this does not freak you out I do not know what will. To avoid dyes and genetically modified ingredients, make your own macaroni and cheese or opt for the organic version. Make your own Mac & Cheese to avoid foods that are unhealthy and can be hurting you!

2 Fat Free Chips and Most Fat Free Products

Did you know that most fat free chips contain Olean, which can actually cause you to gain weight? Olean also causes digestive problems. Fat free products usually contain chemicals and dyes to beef up the taste. To better your health you should choose the regular version, or better yet choose organic so there are no dyes included in your snack.

3 High Sugar Cereals

A recent survey showed 32 out of 50 cereals had excessive sugar in them. So what is so bad about sugar? Excessive sugar consumption causes tooth decay, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To save your health, have an omelet or plain oatmeal for breakfast. If you start the day the right way, you are more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day!

4 Non Organic Milk

Non organic milk comes from dairy cows that have been given hormones and this is passed through the milk. What does this mean? Well, when we drink a glass we are ingesting this secondhand. To avoid these hormones and possible added dyes, choose organic milk. I made the switch to organic milk several years ago and being a mom of 3, I am so glad I did because I now feel more confidence in what I am giving them.

5 Some Sporting Drinks

The blue dye in sporting drinks with a blue hue has been proven to affect cognitive function. To avoid messing with brain functionality, choose coconut water as your drink of choice. Coconut water will give you needed potassium and electrolytes for exercise.

6 Whole Rotisserie Chicken

Some caged chickens have some arsenic in their chicken feed and as a result, when you eat some chicken at your local grocer, you are exposed to arsenic. Did I get your attention? Well that is not all, these chickens have also been given a broad range of antibiotics to treat infections and boost size and you will be eating those as well. Want to avoid this medication and arsenic? Choose organic pasture raised chicken so you can have the great taste of a rotisserie chicken without ingesting medicine or arsenic!

7 Some Sodas

Aside from soda ruining the enamel in your teeth, it has been linked to other issues because it contains bromine. Bromine is the product used in creating plastic and furniture. When bromine is ingested, it has been linked to reproductive problems. To save your health, opt for water with a lemon wedge or sliced cucumbers in it. You will be glad you made the better choice for your health!

Having new knowledge of all the foods that are unhealthy and harmful to your health makes sure you shop with caution and make healthy choices. Do you feel like you will now make better choices?

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