7 Refueling Foods from Your Trainer ...


Did you know eating the right refueling foods after your workout will aid in muscle recovery and can help you to see better fitness results? There are certain foods you should be eating post workout to propel you to optimal results and help you recover so you are prepared for your next training day. Imagine eating a small meal after your workout and feeling satisfied and ready to go for another fitness session. Well you can feel this way if you refuel right! Are you eating the right refueling foods so that you recover more efficiently? There are certain foods that will help you to recover and these refueling foods will rejuvenate you.

1. Have a Banana and Peanut Butter Post Workout

I usually have a banana and a tablespoon of organic peanut butter after a really hard work out, since it is one of the best refueling foods from the high potassium level of bananas and the protein in peanut butter. Potassium helps to flush the body of excess salt and water weight. This will help you to eliminate bloating as well. And protein helps muscle fiber to heal.

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