7 Reasons Your Workout Isn't Working out ...


Let me tell you 7 reasons why your workout isn’t working out. The problem is you may be performing exercises incorrectly. Did you know that correct form protects you from injury and helps you gain the most benefit from each exercise? I have helped countless clients turn their tired and poor form fitness regimens into fat-blasting muscle-sculpting workouts. And now I am here to help you! Read about the 7 reasons your workout isn’t working out because of common fitness mistakes that can be standing in your way of results.

1. Focus on Form

First, I have to tell you to focus on form, not speed, since when you rush through an exercise you tend to sacrifice form and find your workout isn’t working out. A few of the exercises that are most often performed incorrectly are the lunge, squat and the plank. After years of experience, I have found that the key is targeting various parts of the body at once, without spending countless hours at the gym. When it comes to building a better body, less is more. So make the most of your time!

Targeting and Isolating One Muscle Group
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