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So often people look to replace a meal for weight loss as they look to achieve quick results, when the best way to achieve results is doing anything but having the meal replacement shake or bar. So, what should you do? There is no quick fix to achieve great results. To do it, you must work hard, be safe and make smart choices, which is far from replacing any meal. As a certified trainer and nutrition expert, I have helped countless clients to lose weight, and here are the reasons you should never replace a meal for weight loss:

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Lack of Nutrition

You wake up and decide for breakfast you are going to replace a meal for weight loss so you can lose weight. You are determined to lose weight and willing to try anything, so why not meal replacement? Well first off, you may be robbing your body of needed nutrition. No meal replacement can replace the real deal when it comes to whole nutrition.


Lack of Energy

By 10 am you are exhausted and you are not sure why. Could it be the shake you had for breakfast? Unless you are drinking a salad, most weight loss shakes are not going to provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to replace a meal and fuel your day. You should have some eggs instead.


More Cravings

If you try to limit yourself of anything, it is a crazy thing because your body will only crave it more. So instead of replacing your meal with a bar or shake, make better food choices. Choose the veggies and the fruits and you will have more energy and lose weight! Whole foods are always the best choice!


Too Restrictive

Trying to stick with anything too restrictive makes it tough to stay on board. So forget trying to live your life on replacing meals and make better food choices. You only have one life, so live it right and choose healthy foods. There is such a vast array of colorful fruits and veggies, all waiting to be picked by you!


Not Realistic

Is it really realistic that you are going to stick to drinking shakes the rest of your life? I think not! So set a realistic food plan that you can adhere to without feeling deprived. The results of a healthier and happier life are well worth it, I promise!


Usually Processed

I do not care what natural, healthy or organic label is placed on a meal replacement drink. If it is made in advance, there has to be something put in the shake to preserve it, right? This is all a process, so if you really want a shake, skip the store bought one and make your own shake with kale, blueberry, banana, flax seed, chia seed and carrot.


Not a Healthy Lifestyle

If you do not want to live your life through a straw (unless it is while you are lying on the beach, of course), then eat healthy foods and don't replace your meals with shakes. There is no replacement for healthy, clean and whole nutrition, so stop looking for a quick fix.

Now that you know the reasons that you should not replace your meals with shakes, are you ready to live your life the healthy way? Just get active, make better food choices and you will see great results!

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