7 Reasons Women over 40 Should Run ...


There are many reasons why women over 40 should run. Women gain many benefits from running like no other sport. Running will increase your metabolism, help combat disease, increase your energy and so much more. And you will feel great so should you lace up your shoes and embark on this as your new sport? Read about the reasons you should get out and get going on your next run!

1. Running Burns Mega Calories

Have you noticed your over 40 metabolism slow down and then you gained weight? Then here is the number one reason you should run. Running is one of the highest calorie burners when compared to other exercise. Based on a 125 pound woman you burn approximately 100 calories per mile of running. I usually squeeze in 8 miles in an hour so that is 800 mega calories burned! Not bad for just an hour out of your day!

Running Helps Decrease Risk of Osteopororis
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