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7 Reasons Why the Number on the Scale Doesn't Matter ...

By Tara

Want to know why the number on the scale doesn’t matter? If you are dieting and working out and for some reason the scale will not budge, you are not alone. This is a common problem among those looking to lose weight. But keep your head up because the number on the scale does not tell the full story. Dieters feel discouraged when they work out expecting to see the number on the scale to drop and when it doesn't, it can be downright exhausting. Here are the many other reasons why the number on the scale doesn’t matter:

1 Body Composition Changes

Do you ever wonder why the number on the scale doesn’t matter? Well first look at your body composition, the muscle to fat ratio. If you have a lower body composition ratio, you must have less fat and more muscle and this is what really counts, not just the measly number on the scale. So stop stressing for no reason!

2 Weight Fluctuates Each Day

If you weigh yourself daily, you may notice the number fluctuate each day. Sometimes this is due to water retention due to hormones, other times you're holding water due to consuming excessive sodium. Know your body and pay attention to when you bloat. Drink lots of water and lower your sodium intake so that you can avoid this. And stop stressing over the number on the scale.

3 Weight Does Not Always Show Health

Just because someone is thin does not mean they are healthy. In fact, the heavier person may have better health markers due to genetics and lifestyle choices. So do not let the scale be your health gage; practice healthy habits so you can live a great life!

4 Muscle Weighs More than Fat

As you work out, you are building muscle which weighs more than fat so realize if your clothes are bigger but the scale is the same, this is because of the lean muscle you have built. Building muscle has loads of benefits. Did you know building muscle will help boost your metabolism so you can burn fat even at rest? Get lifting to a leaner you!

5 Clothes Tell the Truth

Instead of determining whether you are getting results based on the scale, look at how your clothes fit. If you clothes fit great, then the number on the scale is not important. Let your clothes be the gage in deciding if your hard work dieting and exercising is paying off!

6 It Can Break Your Day

If the number on the scale can make or break your day, you are not alone. It is tough not to be slighted when your weight is up and by the same token, you find yourself feeling thin when the number is down. Stop focusing on your weight and just worry about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes the number of the scale can be plain annoying!

7 Scale Does Not Account for Everything

When you step on the scale you are weighing every tissue, cell, the food you ate and the glass of water you just drank. Realize the scale does not account for everything and the numbers do not show the bigger picture of fitness and health. Focus on how you look and feel, not just your weight.

So now that you know the reasons to stop stressing over the scale, are you ready to keep working to your fitness and health goals? You can always be better, stronger and see more results. Just remember you get what you give! Now go give it your all.

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