7 Reasons to Work out in the Morning ...


7 Reasons to Work out in the Morning ...
7 Reasons to Work out in the Morning ...

Need some compelling reasons to work out in the morning? There has been a longstanding debate on what part of the day is the best time to work out. Some people prefer to sleep in and hit the gym post workday while others are hardcore believers in tackling the daily workout at the top of the morning. Despite which school of workout thought you believe in- here are 7 great reasons to work out in the morning and get your day started off right!

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Jump Start Your Metabolism

Some studies show that exercising in the morning can get your metabolism going and can keep it elevated throughout the day. Maximize your opportunities to raise your metabolic rate by including weight training when you do your morning workout. Lifting weights is a proven method of getting your metabolism going, so be sure to include it in your morning routine!


Get Your Mind Right

Prepare for the day ahead by starting it with a workout. You might feel like your head is cloudy first thing in the morning and a workout is the last thing on your mind, but it will definitely clear your head and you’ll be much more alert and awake afterward. What better reason to work out in the morning than starting off your workday with a clear mind? Hitting the gym is much more effective in increasing your mental acuity than hitting the snooze button.


Fight the Crowd

For those who go to the gym to work out, the earlier in the day you get there, the less crowded it will be and the faster you will get out. I’m sure you’ve had experiences where you carve out an hour to work out and the gym is so crowded or gym rats are roaming around socializing and getting in the way of your workout that you end up spending double the time there. Think about it-no waiting in line for a machine, no being elbow-to-elbow with anyone while working out and having free reign of the gym is an awesome reason to work out in the A.M.


Consistency is Key

Yet another good reason to work out in the morning is that you are much more likely to stick with your daily workout when it’s done in the morning. In the evening you won’t have the excuse that you’re too tired from work to exercise, no last-minute invites to dinner or happy hour or any other commitments to prevent you from your sweat session. What better feeling is there than knowing that your workout can be crossed off your «to do» list first thing in the morning and your evening is free to do whatever you want?!


Better Sleep

Working out gets you energized and if you work out at night it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get in the mindset to sleep for hours after which can impede your ability to get a good night’s sleep. When you work out in the morning, you’re waking up at the same time to get enough time for your calisthenics sesh which puts you on a regular sleeping schedule and also helps regulate your thyroid and circadian rhythm. Working out in the morning doesn’t mean less sleep, you’ll just wake up earlier.


Burn More Calories

Some researchers opine that those who work out in the morning burn more calories as they are more likely to spend more time on their workout and have more energy at the beginning of the day opposed to those who like to get their sweat on in the afternoons or evenings. Generally, you have more time and energy in the morning to devote to your workout since you have a specific amount of time blocked off with nothing on your social agenda to prevent you from cutting your workout short.


You Can Skip Coffee

Not only are you more alert in the morning, you will remain alert after your workout thus reducing your need to get your energy through artificial means. Coffee is great and all, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re trying to kick the habit or reduce your intake of caffeine, it’s more of a reason to work out in the morning and avoid a caffeine crash later.

There are some great reasons to work out in the morning but any workout is better than no workout at all. If you find yourself to be too busy in the mornings or you’re a night owl who’d rather stick needles in your eyes rather than wake up early, do what works for you! Being healthy is not contingent upon the time of day, so do your thing whenever your life allows time for it!

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This is very helpful x

This is one of the best tips my personal trainer ever gave me: morning cardio is the best way to burn fat, get more definition and lose weight quickly, 30-40 minutes of cardio in the morning (with 120-130 heart beat range) will help you burn those fat deposits since you did not eat for 8 hours during your sleep and your body has to burn its reserves of body fat when you start your day actively. Whenever I start gaining weight, I go back to doing cardio first thing in the morning for 30-35 minutes, and in a few days all the extra pounds are gone! Try it, ladies, it works! But remember to get your breakfast after your workout, it's essential to fuel your body up with some good carbs (oatmeal) and maybe some protein too (eggs). Go morning workouts!

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