7 Reasons to Lose Weight That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


There are so many reasons to lose weight for the betterment of your health alone that most are unaware of. Most people look at excess weight as just a mere cosmetic inconvenience, but what lies beneath? Health should be your number one reason for weight loss because excess weight can cut your life span significantly! To enjoy many years of health and happiness, start making health a priority. Lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and a wealth of other illnesses by losing weight. Here are my reasons to lose weight because I care about you!

1. Lower Your Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Yep, that is right. If you lose weight, you can actually lower your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, so make sure you exercise and eat healthy so you have a keener brain function. To think sharp it is helpful to be leaner. Bettered health is the first of my reasons to lose weight!

Lower Your Risk of Cancer
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