7 Reasons to Cut out Late Night Snacking ...


7 Reasons to Cut out Late Night Snacking ...
7 Reasons to Cut out Late Night Snacking ...

What are the reasons to cut out late snacking? It is so frustrating and exhausting when we eat healthy all day only to sabotage our efforts by eating unhealthy snacks at night. Could late night snacking be ruining your weight loss? Absolutely! You may get through the day making all healthy choices and then when 9pm rolls around, snack time sabotages your entire day. Each day you relive this again and it becomes a vicious cycle. Let me help motivate you to make positive changes by sharing the reasons to cut out late night snacking.

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Late Night Snacking Causes Weight Gain

One of my top reasons to cut out late night snacking is that it causes weight gain. And I am not referring to snacking on carrot sticks; I am referring to what most of us crave at night, which are unhealthy snacks. These are the snacks you know you should not be eating, like chips, cookies, ice cream or anything else unhealthy. Most often our cravings are due to not eating enough protein in your last meal to satisfy your body. So make your last meal of the day extra balanced with protein, complex carbohydrates and veggies.


Eating Late at Night Causes Changes in Your Sleep Cycle

When you eat late at night your stomach has to digest your food which leaves you uneasy to fall asleep and can even cause insomnia. It is uncomfortable and unhealthy to fall asleep on a full stomach! So eliminate late night snacking so that you can get your beauty sleep.


It May Cause Middle of the Night Trips to the Bathroom

If you snack late night there is a good chance you will have to make a trip or two the bathroom in the middle of the night. This causes disruptive sleep which can cause weight gain. So avoid that late night snack and get to bed, sleepy head!


Late Night Snacking Can Alter Your Mood

Do you ever notice when you eat late at night you awake feeling lethargic and unhappy? This is because your body had to work through the night to digest your late night meal. You may also be feeling guilty. Go to sleep with a smile and awake with more energy by eliminating late night snacking sabotage!


Mindless Eating is Most Often Done at Night

To avoid mindless eating, also known as "eating amnesia," get rid of all unhealthy food in your home. A Recent Norwegian Study shows that by having unhealthy food accessible in your home you are more likely to choose the unhealthy option. So what should you do? Well first off raid the pantry and get the unhealthy food out of your home. And remember when in doubt, throw it out!


Overeating Occurs Most Often when Eating Late at Night

Eat mini meals throughout the day. If you eat small meals throughout the day you will not be famished at night and less likely to graze on unhealthy food that can sabotage your weight loss. Most often people that do not eat balanced throughout the day become famished and overeat at night. Avoid this by eating mini meals.


Eating Late at Night Will Make You Hungrier in the Morning

According to The Journal of Thyroid Research, when you eat late at night you throw off your insulin and blood glucose levels producing extreme hunger when you awake the next day. So do your waistline a favor and avoid late night snacking!

Remember you are capable of achieving everything you want to achieve it just takes self discipline. If you make unhealthy food choices you will not only gain weight and have poor health, but you will also lack energy. If you eat healthy and eliminate late night bingeing you will lose weight, have more energy, boost your immune system and even be in a better mood. Do you find late night to be the time when you struggle to make healthy choices?

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Thanks for this article. It helped me understand why at my healthiest weight, I never ate anything after 6pm and at the latest 7!

This is so true I wake up hungrier in the morning I always wonder why

I do late night snacking, only because I'm really hungry. I can't sleep at night with my tummy rumbling

So true coz whenever I eat on late nights I always wake up hungry

Eating late at night (you should eat at least 2 hours before sleep) also causes pimples between your eyebrows :)

Hey this is so true! I sometimes wake up feeling guilty.

I can't sleep cause I ate so late! Feel heavy!!!

All these points are so true for me .. the late night eating stops now!

Working an evening shift really messes with my body. I am always tempted to eat late night since I get home at midnight. But it's time for discipline!

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