7 Reasons to Be Conscious of Your Daily Calorie Intake ...


Have you ever thought about what your daily calorie intake is and what it should be? It doesn’t matter how healthy you think you are eating, if you eat too many calories you will gain weight or maintain your current weight. If you gain weight or are not losing weight after your exercise efforts you are eating more calories then you are burning. So why does something so simple seem so confusing? Most people are not aware how many calories they should be consuming. If you look at a daily calorie calculator you can find this range easily. Now here are my reasons to be conscious of your daily calorie intake:

1. You Can Be Overeating

If you find yourself mindlessly eating when you are not hungry you are not alone. A whopping 70% of adults eat throughout the day even when they are not hungry and this adds up to a large amount of excessive calories. This explains the rise in obesity. Are you aware of your daily calorie intake?

You May Be Eating Too Much Too Late
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