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It's a very bad idea to look for fast weight loss solutions. Forums are full of anxious women - and girls - asking how they can drop some weight quickly. If you need to lose weight - and I stress IF - it should be done slowly and sensibly. Never look for ways to lose weight quickly. Here are some reasons why fast weight loss solutions don't work …

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Weight Gain Takes Time

One of the main reasons why fast weight loss solutions don't work is a very logical one. You don't gain weight overnight, so it's going to take time to get rid of those excess pounds. Weight loss should always be approached as a long-term goal, with the aim of losing a pound or two a week. Never try to lose weight quickly for a special occasion or to fit into a dress. It's not worth the risk to your health.


Combined Effort

In order to lose weight, you need to take a twin approach, and combine exercise with reducing your calorie intake. Simply put, you need to expend more energy than you're taking in. And that is not going to be a quick thing. Focus on a sensible exercise and eating plan; ensure that you have the correct nutrition and enough calories to sustain your body.


Being Conned

Sure, there are a lot of products, diet books and eating plans that promise to help you lose those pounds. The only thing you're likely to lose is your money, and probably your hope of successfully losing weight. Most of these pills and diets are totally ineffective, so save your money. Stick to a healthy eating plan and sensible exercise program, which will be far more effective.


It's Not Easy

Anything that promises a fast weight loss should ring alarm bells. It's just not that easy to lose weight. Even the sensible approach of healthy eating combined with exercise will take time. Don't try to lose weight quickly by intense exercise. This could cause an injury - which definitely won't help your weight - and may actually harm your health.


Not Good for You

Fast weight loss is not good for you for so many reasons. It doesn't address the issues that have caused you to gain weight, and so won't help you maintain an appropriate weight. Do you comfort eat? Do you have medical issues that may have caused weight gain? It's important to stick to a healthy eating plan in the long term, and not just opt for a crash diet.



Why do you want to lose weight so fast? Your reasons may be worrying, so take a close look at why you think you need to drop weight so quickly. You may not have a healthy attitude towards your weight. Do you even need to lose anything, or are you just trying to conform to how you think a woman should look?


Straight Back on

Finally, the sad fact is that fast weight gain is almost never maintained. Many dieters put the weight back on as soon as they abandon whatever faddy diet plan has "helped" them lose the pounds. This then leads them to another crash diet, and they're into the cycle of yo-yo dieting. I'll say it again: you need to take a long-term, sensible approach.

However much you wish you could lose weight fast, don't even try. It's not sensible, and it won't work. So why set yourself up for failure? Work out a healthy eating plan that gives your body everything it needs, and embark on a program of moderate exercise. And take your time! Have you ever been pressured to lose weight?

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"Finally, the sad fact is that fast weight gain is almost never maintained." I see where you were going here, yet I wish the mis-type was true :)

what do you think about garcinia cambogia

@maryanne, works great!! I just staryed using it a little less than a month ago and have lost 10.5 lbs but I also excersize on a daily basis and make sure to drink a protien shake every morning and after every workout.

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