7 Reasons Sleep is Important for Weight Loss and Optimal Performance ...


There are endless reasons sleep is important for weight loss and optimal athletic performance. Sleep is a time for our bodies to become unconscious, lose touch with reality and also a time for our bodies to release human-growth hormone (HGH), which can help athletic performance and weight loss. So as you toss and turn, debating on getting up to do one last chore, be patient and fall asleep. Sleep is an important part of your training plan. So are you getting enough sleep of 7-10 hours each night? Here are the reasons sleep is important.

1. Lack of Sleep Causes Weight Gain

Lack of sleep raises the hormone cortisol in your blood, which will have adverse effects like weight gain. High cortisol levels increase your cravings for high fat foods which, if you give in, will result in weight gain. This is one of the major reasons sleep is important.

People That Sleep Less Usually Eat More
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