11 Reasons French Women Don't Get Fat ...


While French women absolutely can get fat, those that don’t, while eating cheese, wine and butter, follow and live by these 11 reasons French women don’t get fat. In fact, anywhere in the world, if we were to follow these French eating principles, we wouldn’t get fat either. The notion that French women don’t get fat was introduced to us in the US by Frenchwomen Mireille Guiliano in her book “French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure,” after a move to the US left her 20 pounds heavier than when she had arrived. According to the book, here are 7 reasons French women don’t get fat.

1. High Quality Foods

One of the first reasons French women don’t get fat is because they select high quality foods. Yes, they might be eating cheese and bread frequently, the ingredients used and consumed in these products are fresh, local and in season. They are able to eat less while enjoying more because their bodies are satisfied through real, wholesome foods.

Limit Sweets
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