5 Mind Blowing 😱 Reasons Why Exercise 💪 Didn't 🚫 Help You ☹️ Lose Weight ⚖️ ...


There are several reasons exercising didn't help you lose weight. What with exhausting work schedules, family members to take care of, social engagements to meet, one of the last things on your list is probably exercise. And, after checking the scale, you’ve realized your weight has ballooned, one Thanksgiving dinner, after work drink, and late night snack at a time. And now you’re at crisis point. You know this isn’t going well. You know it’s time to get back to that Zumba class, treadmill, or gym—whatever will work!

So you put in some exercise time—and lo and behold—you didn’t lose any weight. In fact, you may have gained a little weight!

What’s went wrong? Here are some of the reasons exercising didn't help you lose weight.

1. You Exercised—then Ate More!

You finally broke your couch potato habit. It’s been a long time since you laced up your sneakers, so you couldn’t exactly run a marathon. But you put in a virtuous hour of actual gym time—with maybe a bit of warm-up time stretching and another long stretch of winding down. And then of course, as you were heading home, the ice-cream truck came along, its alluring chimes reminding you that you only live once—and that one ice cream couldn’t possibly ruin anyone forever! So you followed up your run with an ice-cream because, well—you finally broke your couch potato habit, and you deserve it!

Except…the math doesn’t work. So let’s say you treat yourself to an ice-cream cone after your run. That’s about 400 calories. That translates to about half-an-hour of running. Even if you count the couple of minutes you spent half-heartedly chasing the ice-cream truck, you pretty much zeroed out your exercise. That's one of the top reasons exercising didn't help you lose weight.

Your Calorie Needs Increase
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