7 Reasons behind Your Cravings That You Should Be Aware of ...

Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind your cravings are? Maybe you craved chocolate all day long and nothing could bring your mind away from this. Did you question why you had this intense craving? You feel like, if you give into the chocolate, you will be sabotaging your diet. We have all given into our food cravings at some point or another and usually regret this later. Giving into a food craving is allowing your mind to take over by giving your body what it does not need, at least in that large of a quantity. Food cravings occur when your mind is confused in what your body really needs. Here are some of the reasons behind your cravings.

1. Why Am I Craving Chocolate?

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Studies show that when you are craving chocolate, you need a mood boost and you are actually craving a release of serotonin, which is released when eating chocolate. After the sugar high you receive from the chocolate, you will have a sugar crash and often a mood surge. So serotonin is one of the reasons behind your cravings. That explains a lot, right?

2. Why Am I Craving Chips?

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When you crave salt, you are actually usually deficient in minerals. People that are deficient in calcium crave salty food more than those that are not deficient. Why? Salt tricks the body into believing calcium levels are increasing when they are not. Those who are iron deficient also tend to crave salt. The recommended daily allowance for salt is just 1500 mg a day, so aim to stay below this and become more conscious of these cravings!

3. Are You Dieting?

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Often people that are on restrictive diets tend to have the most cravings. Why? If you forbid yourself of something, you will usually only want it more. The solution is to eat food in moderation and avoid a highly restrictive diet. A healthy lifestyle that includes eating protein, whole grains, veggies and fruits is the best way to live, and the best part is that you will not be on a diet!

4. What Does Your Body Need?

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Cravings often occur because your body is depleted or deficient in something else. Carbohydrate cravings often occur when your blood glucose levels drop. Eat mini meals throughout the day so you do not have sugar highs and lows. This will help to regulate your sugar and even drop a few pounds!

5. Is This a Bad Habit?

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Maybe you grew up eating a snack while watching a movie and now as an adult, you have these same cravings due to habit. Or maybe you are so conditioned by the fast food commercials that simply driving by a fast food chain causes you to salivate. Whatever the reason, make new habits like a walk after dinner or a lunch time jog. Make new healthy habits to fit into your bettered lifestyle!

6. Is This out of Emotion?

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Emotions are often the root of the majority of your cravings because emotions can take a strong hold of you. If you find you crave chocolate every time you have a fight with your significant other, this is no coincidence. This is a comfort snack for you. Do not give into the emotion and get out for a workout! The surge of post-workout energy and great health are totally worth it!

7. Why do We Crave High Fat Foods and Not Carrot Sticks?

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If you fast and wait long periods in between meals, you will find you have cravings for high fat foods. Why? High fat foods provide high calories and a deficient body craves adequate calories to compensate. Your solution is to eat a piece or fruit and a piece of cheese to give your body vitamins and protein.

Now that you are aware of some reasons behind your cravings, you should be more conscious of what you are eating and why. Always think before you eat. What are your cravings? If you are a woman and you crave chocolate β€œcertain” times of the month, you are not alone. Share your cravings and if you have a solution food, what is it?

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