Please Help Im Confused

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Please Help Im Confused

O.K so basically ive been dieting for a little while now and recently it has been brought to my attention that i might not be eating enough. Im 17, 5'9, 63kg and male. Before i was eating around somewhere between 1200-1500cals a day which i decided (from researching the internet) was not enough. Now im eating around 1700-1900 cals a day but im wondering if this is too much/ not enough. My aim for eating is to still be losing weight at a moderate pace.
So this is what im eating atm: Breakfast: Oatmeal (170cal) and protein (205cal)
Snack: Banana (100cal) and brunch bar (90cal)
Recess: Yogurt (150cal) and apple (65cal)
Lunch: Chicken/lettuce sandwhich on wholemeal bread (210cal) and apple (65cal)
After school: Tuna (120cal) and Protein with weetbix (260cal)
Dinner is whatever my parents make me but its normaly pretty healthy. Plus 3litres of water per day.

**This is about 1450cal without dinner. Im aiming for a high protein, low carb diet and yes i still need lose a bit of fat so i need to be eating below maintenance calorie level. Just wondering if i should (or if i could) be eating more/ less because many websites have said i may need up to 3000cals a day but most say i need around 2500. Im really worried about not eating enough because apparently this can stunt growth. Please no consult your doctor answers.

Im fairly active, i run 4km every morning and either do soccer training or a run at night. I also do push ups and sit ups.

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