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O.K so basically ive been dieting for a little while now and recently it has been brought to my attention that i might not be eating enough. Im 17, 5'9, 63kg and male. Before i was eating around somewhere between 1200-1500cals a day which i decided (from researching the internet) was not enough. Now im eating around 1700-1900 cals a day but im wondering if this is too much/ not enough. My aim for eating is to still be losing weight at a moderate pace.
So this is what im eating atm: Breakfast: Oatmeal (170cal) and protein (205cal)
Snack: Banana (100cal) and brunch bar (90cal)
Recess: Yogurt (150cal) and apple (65cal)
Lunch: Chicken/lettuce sandwhich on wholemeal bread (210cal) and apple (65cal)
After school: Tuna (120cal) and Protein with weetbix (260cal)
Dinner is whatever my parents make me but its normaly pretty healthy. Plus 3litres of water per day.

**This is about 1450cal without dinner. Im aiming for a high protein, low carb diet and yes i still need lose a bit of fat so i need to be eating below maintenance calorie level. Just wondering if i should (or if i could) be eating more/ less because many websites have said i may need up to 3000cals a day but most say i need around 2500. Im really worried about not eating enough because apparently this can stunt growth. Please no consult your doctor answers.

Im fairly active, i run 4km every morning and either do soccer training or a run at night. I also do push ups and sit ups.

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5'9 and 63 kgs is underweight, you should be around 65-70 kgs, and yes <1500 calories is pretty low, considering you are male. Normally guys your age and height consumes 2000-2500 calories a day. Your diet seems fine and your exercise routine as well, try mixing it up a bit, if this has been your regime then your body might have gotten used to it, so it has been storing fat "efficiently" in order to burn them using it as energy to get through the day. Maybe having other dietary alternatives such as apples, lean meat etc. and mixing up your workout routine, such as adding weight training to build muscle and as most people know, muscle can burn calories even when you aren't doing anything at all.

I think your body may be holding on to fat because you aren't giving it enough calories. Your metabolic rate will probably be as low as your body can get it. Ironically you may lose weight by eating more calories as you take your body out of "starvation mode".

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