7 of the Best Foods for Flat Abs ...


Did you know some of the best foods for flat abs can have
you waking up feeling leaner and sculpted? These foods can help alleviate bloating, provide ample nutrition and slim down your abdominal region. So what are these foods that you should be eating? As a certified trainer and nutritionist, I have the list of the best foods for flat abs right here:

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Eggs One of the best foods for flat abs is eggs because they
contain natural fat burning elements like protein. Eggs are an excellent choice because of their amino acids which are the building blocks of your cells.Studies show that having eggs for breakfast can actually help you to eat less and more healthy for the day. So make sure you have some eggs today because this is one of the absolute best foods for flat abs!



Apples Apples are a hidden wonder fruit because each apple consists of 5 grams of fiber and pectin, a natural fat burner. You would never expect so much to be in a tiny apple. Apples are also low in sugar making this lower in calories than many other fruits. Studies show that people that eat an apple a day as part of a healthy diet lose more weight than those who leave apples on the shelf. So make sure you eat an apple a day to achieve your flat abs.



Nuts Although high in fat, a handful of nuts is a good way to get
some healthy fats you should be having every day. All nuts have both fiber and protein which will help to stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your cravings. The best nuts for your health are almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. But you are not limited to just these nuts; enjoy the whole array in moderation.



Berries High in antioxidants and low in sugar, berries are great fruits. You should include a cup of berries in your diet each day because this can help stabilize your blood sugar and speed up the digestive process, which can alleviate bloating. This can help you achieve your lean abs!



Salad High in fiber and packed in phytonutrients, a leafy green salad is something that should always be your main meal. Even when eating chicken or fish, you should be eating a big salad first or pair the two together. Salad can help become leaner, feel better and even boost your energy levels.


Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Plain Greek yogurt is a balanced snack because it has just
the right amount of protein to add to your diet. You can add fresh fruit for an extra splash of flavor. The protein in Greek yogurt will also aid in reducing your cravings for food and keeping your stomach feeling full. This is a great snack
to help you sculpt your abs for your next vacation!



Fish Did you know that seafood can lower your cravings and boost your metabolism? The protein in seafood is filling and if you choose fish like tuna and salmon, they are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been proven to increase fat burning. So head to the local fish market for some tasty fish to grill for a healthy meal!

Now that you have some tips on helping you to achieve lean abs, are you ready to start making small changes so that you can achieve this? Little changes each day all add up to make a big difference, so make healthy choices today! Are you eating enough of the foods on this list?

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Oh my god the salmon dish looks good.

Egg whites are better than whole eggs!

What about peanut butter? My sister is a nutritionist and she's got this 100% peanut butter so I was gonna have that with whole wheat toast and a banana, would that help abs?

Eat all of these in my diet already! Nice to know I'm eating the right things. Although will include more nuts! thanks x

Very good tips!! :) I like all that kind of foods . It makes u feel better eating it too! Then all that junk food.

Great tips!!! I was wondering how I could still eat and maintain flat abs without starving.

Thanks for the tips. Definitely going to up my intake of apples, eggs, and nuts.

Wow ! I never new there was orange berries and I love all of these foods!!!!!!!!😃

I like all of these foods

Also you'd hardly want to eat 2 apples a day because they will give you the runs. That's why doctors say eat an apple a day. They help keep you regular.

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