7 Negative Effects of Weight Loss on Your Mood While Dieting and How to Fix It ...


Many people embrace dieting full force and don’t completely consider the effects of weight loss on your mood. If weight loss isn’t done the right way, your mood will plummet big time. This can lead to hormonal problems, depression and even weight gain later. To prevent being depressed while losing weight, which is no fun no matter how many pounds you lose, keep these facts in mind. The effects of weight loss on your mood might surprise you, but if you’re informed, you’ll know what to do to prevent sabotaging your efforts.

1. It Makes You Moody

One of the most common effects of weight loss on your mood is that it can make you moody if you’re shorting your body of nutrients. Anytime you quit eating starchy, sugary and fatty foods from unhealthy sources, the body goes through a withdrawal period and the brain is not happy! To encourage you, I want you to know this does pass over, as long as you give your body the right nutrients. Be sure to fill up on healthy fats, carbs and protein. Though your taste buds may have to adjust to new foods, your body will receive the right nutrients, and you should feel better, not worse.

It Makes You Tired
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