7 Necessities for Any Hike ...

There's no denying that hiking is a fun way to work out. And if you're wondering what necessities you need before you set out on a hike, guest contributor Quinn McAdams has the perfect list for you!

If you dread your hourly walk on the treadmill or drive with a frown to the local gym five days a week, it might be time for you to change-up your workout routine. Hiking is an absolutely amazing hobby that can provide you with gorgeous views and a great workout. Whether hiking is done alone or with friends, this exercise allows you to take advantage of just about any time of year. Now that it's autumn, it's a great time for you to take a brisk walk through the woods and look at all of the gorgeous foliage. Before taking that hike, there are just a couple of things you should be bringing along with you.

1. Some Food and Snacks

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If you would like to have lunch once you reach the top of that mountain, you might want to pack away some sandwiches and snacks with you. High-calorie snacks are also great for more aggressive hikes, since the calories in these foods provide energy that you will need to climb the mountain.

2. Lots of Water

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Becoming dehydrated while hiking is easy since you will be climbing rocks and walking at a severe incline. You should always bring plenty of water with you to ensure that you and your partner have enough to drink throughout the entire hike.

3. Extra Clothing

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Not all hikes are flat, dry terrain and you should expect to step in a few puddles here and there just to get done with a hiking trail. Because of this, it might be a good idea for you to pack away some extra socks and shoes in case you step in mud or water.

4. Backpack

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The backpack you choose should be sturdy and comfortable enough for any type of hike you will be taking. Be sure to try it on at the store with some weight inside of it - after all, it’s going to be with you the entire trip. Essentially, the backpack is going to be used primarily to store away food, drinks and extra clothes that you might need on the trek.

I’m always on the lookout for unique gifts for my husband and I finally found an extremely useful picnic backpack that I gave to him for our anniversary. It’s perfect for our adventures and we can easily store our snacks for the kids in there as well!

5. Bug Spray

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Even though the fall months aren't as bad as the summer months as far as bugs are concerned, it is still a good idea to bring some bug spray along with you. Make sure that you spray your clothing and skin before starting the hike and keep the bug spray in your backpack in case of emergencies.

6. Good Boots

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You need to be wearing great quality boots when hiking, simply because the grip on the boots will help you to climb and grip onto rocks. If you are wearing regular sneakers or sandals of some kind, you will find that you lose your balance quickly and have a difficult time completing a hiking trail.

7. Your Camera

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Taking a hike can be absolutely beautiful, so you should take your camera along with you. Having a camera can help you to take those beautiful autumn photos that you've always dreamed of sharing with your friends and family.

Your next hike is sure to be enjoyable when you take all of these items along with you. Make sure that you plan out a hike and consider which trail you'll be taking to determine how long it will take you to complete. Hiking is a great alternative to the gym and can help to revive a tired workout routine.

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