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7 Minute Plan to a Healthier Life ...

By Tara

In order to succeed in weight loss you need to have a plan to a healthier life. Without a plan in life you will not see success, especially when it pertains to weight loss. So set aside just 7 minutes today so you can make your plan. By taking just this short time to make a plan to a healthier life you will embark on a new journey! Here is a 7 minute plan to a healthier life that will help you to transform for the better:

1 Write out a Combat Plan

Write out a Combat PlanWhat are your hot buttons or challenges for weight loss? For some, it is birthday parties or office celebrations while for others it is a simple stroll down the boardwalk with the aroma of fried food in the air. Find what your challenges are and make a solution for you to overcome these challenges. This is a major step in the plan to a healthier life!

2 Plan as Many Meals at Home

Plan as Many Meals at HomeGoing out to eat is not only expensive, but it is rarely as healthy as what you can cook at home. Make your own meals so that you can control the health of the ingredient list. My most successful weight loss clients cook their own meals!

3 Write out Your Healthy Grocery List

Write out Your Healthy Grocery ListMake a list of all the healthy items you should have in your home. The majority of your list should consist of vegetables, fruits and beans. Avoid processed food to better your health and lean down.

4 Chop up Veggies and Fruits to Have on Hand

Chop up Veggies and Fruits to Have on HandChop up some broccoli, carrots, celery, peppers and place this in a tupperware container with blueberries. If you stock your refrigerator with healthy snacks you will be less likely to cheat on your healthy weight loss plan!

5 Make a Pitcher of Lemon Water for the Refrigerator

Make a Pitcher of Lemon Water for the RefrigeratorMake a pitcher of lemon water for the refrigerator so you can have a refreshing cold glass of water always on hand. By adding a few squeezes of fresh lemon you will be adding a natural diuretic to help boost your metabolic rate.

6 Portion out Healthier Snacks to Have on Hand

Portion out Healthier Snacks to Have on HandPut a handful of nuts in a snack bags as well as any other healthy snacks you enjoy. Portion this out in small snack bags so you will not go overboard in calorie consumption. If you snack throughout the day you will be less likely to overeat at your meal time. There is a reason skinny people usually snack throughout the day. It is healthier and it does help you to stay thin!

7 Set a Fitness Schedule

Set a Fitness ScheduleCreate a weekly workout schedule that is non -negotiable, meaning no excuses! It is recommended to exercise four-six days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Make sure you exercise at your fitness level and that you are challenged when you exercise. If you are not sweating, you are usually not working out hard enough. So make sure your workout is something that pushes you!

Planning ahead will help you to not only make healthier meals but also save money in the process. Eating out can not only be unhealthy but also can be expensive as well. So save some money, save your health, eliminate stress and transform yourself for the better. Do you practice healthy habits and if so what are they?

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