7 Mini Meals to Create a Perfect Day of Healthy Eating ...


7 Mini Meals to Create a Perfect Day of Healthy Eating ...
7 Mini Meals to Create a Perfect Day of Healthy Eating ...

Everywhere you turn there is more advice on eating mini meals throughout the day for weight loss. But what are these mini meals you should eat and when should you eat them? This is a question on the minds of most dieters and nutrition conscious people alike. As a certified trainer and weight loss coach, I am going to walk you through a perfect day of healthy eating. This meal plan is the ideal plan for all my clients to follow because it is balanced, nutritious and tastes great! Now I am here to help you with these 7 mini meals.

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The 5:30 Apple a Day

I start my day with an apple as a mini breakfast to give my body some fiber, pectin, natural sugar and a boost to start my day. And a large apple with the skin on is just 116 calories. This is the first of my mini meals because I eat it right before I exercise to boost me for a morning workout!


The 9am Veggie Omelet or Hardboiled Eggs

After I get my children dressed and on the bus, I run home to feed the baby and then it is time to feed myself. I make a 2 egg omelet stuffed with a handful of spinach or broccoli. All this for 214 calories and you will give your body much needed protein, iron, calcium and other needed vitamins. This is a nutrient dense way to fuel your body! If you do not eat eggs, an alternate is a half cup of steel cut oatmeal. Oatmeal has lecithin in it, which is a natural fat burner.


The 12 Noon Grilled Chicken Salad

In the afternoon I usually recommend a grilled chicken salad or chicken sandwich to get much need protein, fiber and nutrients for your body. To jazz up your salad and get your much need nutrients, add peppers, mushrooms and strawberry slices! All this for just 300 calories in 1 serving (16 ounce salad)! I usually do not add dressing but if you would like dressing, look for a low sodium, natural dressing.


The 2 O’clock Veggie Plate

To get plenty of fiber and satisfy my appetite, I like to make a mid afternoon veggie plate. I usually slice up celery, carrots, broccoli, zucchini and cucumbers. This snack satisfies my appetite and boosts immunity for approx. 130 calories!


The 4pm Protein Plate

At 4**:**00 I usually eat 3 hard-boiled egg whites to get my much needed protein to rebuild my muscle fiber from all my workouts. An alternate to this if you do not eat eggs is a whey protein shake.


The 5 Pm Quinoa and Veggie Dinner (with Eggs or Chicken)

For dinnertime, the ideal meal is to have quinoa or brown rice, and carrots with eggs or chicken, which weighs in at 420 calories per serving of a medium sized plate. I also have a side spinach salad for 120 calories. This meal is balanced with plenty of fiber, protein and vitamins. Another great meal is to have this with black beans, here is that recipe: funfitmama.com.


The 7pm Fruit Snack

For the last meal of the day I usually have a Greek yogurt or a small bowl of fruit (140 calories). Being that this is the last meal of the day, I choose a lower glycemic fruit like berries, grapefruit or any other fruit low in sugar. On nights that I am famished after a long workout, I sometimes make an egg white omelet (220 calories) as my last meal of the day so I do not go to bed starving.

Now that I have laid out an ideal day of foods that you should be eating, you should use this as a guideline. Along with this meal plan you should have a multi vitamin as well. Do you currently eat a balanced diet with plenty of veggies, protein and fiber? If you answered yes, keep up the good work and if you answered no, it is okay if you are making positive steps in the right direction. Remember you only have one body, so treat it right!

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This does work in slimming down it worked for me

it would be so cool to go to all of these places

Does this work in losing weight?

nice one

But what if you're still in school?

Awesome! I'd like to try this soon :)

Hmm, I don't know if that is all you eat all day but you're eating around 800 calories a day? That is not a well balanced meal for your body needs at least 1200 cal to properly function... For the eggs, it is a good source of protein and I don't know why do people believe it is not healthy? You can eat as many eggs you want a day, egg whites at least.. Better to eat an egg than snack on cake or chips....

That seems like a lot of eggs in a day

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