7 Mini Meals to Create a Perfect Day of Healthy Eating ...


Everywhere you turn there is more advice on eating mini meals throughout the day for weight loss. But what are these mini meals you should eat and when should you eat them? This is a question on the minds of most dieters and nutrition conscious people alike. As a certified trainer and weight loss coach, I am going to walk you through a perfect day of healthy eating. This meal plan is the ideal plan for all my clients to follow because it is balanced, nutritious and tastes great! Now I am here to help you with these 7 mini meals.

1. The 5:30 Apple a Day

I start my day with an apple as a mini breakfast to give my body some fiber, pectin, natural sugar and a boost to start my day. And a large apple with the skin on is just 116 calories. This is the first of my mini meals because I eat it right before I exercise to boost me for a morning workout!

The 9am Veggie Omelet or Hardboiled Eggs
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