Limit These Starchy Veggies to Stay Slim ...

Starchy veggies are high carbohydrate plant foods that contain a high source of energy. It is important to include these veggies to fuel the body, but consume in moderation or you will pack on the pounds. If starchy veggies are consumed in large amounts this can contribute to weight gain, so limit yourself. Eating a high content of starchy veggies can affect your blood glucose level, which can lead to diabetes. However, these veggies are all great to benefit your body nutritionally but only when consumed in the right amount. So check out this list of starchy veggies and enjoy in moderation. Moderation is the key to better health and a leaner body!

1. White Potatoes

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White potatoes are filling and packed with nutrients (most in the skin of potato), but you should consume in the right amounts. One small potato or ½ cup mashed is the right portion control that will yield many benefits for your body. Did you know that a potato is packed with potassium, fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6? Pair this with the fact that studies have proven that the potatoes can decrease blood pressure to see that it is integral to your health to consume in moderation.

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