7 Important Reasons to Start Strengthening Your Core Starting Today ...


7 Important Reasons to Start Strengthening Your Core Starting Today ...
7 Important Reasons to Start Strengthening Your Core Starting Today ...

You may hear daily how important it is to have a strong core, but what are the reasons to strengthen your core? The word core is thrown around in locker rooms, gyms and other fitness routines daily, but what does this mean? Your core muscles are the muscles around your trunk, abs, back and pelvis, basically your total core circumference. Core exercises are an essential part of any well-rounded fitness program. Aside from certain crunches and push-ups, however, core exercises are often forgotten. As a personal trainer here to help you transform your life, here are the reasons to strengthen your core starting today:

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A Strong Core Can Help Tone Your Abs

As you glance at the person walking down the beach with toned, sculpted abs you may wonder if they have achieved this from genetics or work. The answer is usually both. Some people genetically just have a leaner core but usually they do exercises to enhance this. If you want more defined abs you should focus on core exercises. Cardio will help you to shed the fat and ab exercises will help you to develop the underlying muscles. Muscle tone is one of the major reasons to strengthen your core.


A Strong Core Will Help Improve Your Balance

By performing core exercises like the plank, you will train the muscles in your pelvis, hips, abs and lower back. The results of a strong core will improve your balance. This helps sports and everyday tasks. This explains the large amount of core training for athletes.


A Strong Core Can Prevent You from Having Lower Back Pain

Having a strong core is like a corset around your muscles that will help you from having lower back pain. As a result, a strong core will also help you to have better posture.


Core Exercises do Not Require a Gym Membership or Expensive Equipment

Core exercises do not require fancy equipment or you having to join a gym, they just require your body weight. Look at the plank exercise, one of the best core exercises; all you have to do is rest on your forearms with your body in a straight line from head to toe and tighten your abdominal muscles. Stay in the plank for as long as you can without breaking your form.


Having a Strong Core Will Help Prevent Injuries

Core training is essential to any well balanced fitness program but it is even more important to athletes. A strong core will help prevent injuries and better your athletic performance!


Core Exercises Will Help You Perform in All Sports

Want to run quicker, feel stronger, and perform better in all sports? Then make sure you integrate core training into your routine! Core exercises will help you to excel in all sporting activities and you will feel great!


Having a Strong Core Can Help You to Meet All of Your Fitness Goals

Strengthen your core so you can achieve your aesthetic goals, muscular strength and you will be more balanced. Just by strengthening your core you will be more likely to meet all your fitness goals!

Hope my reasons to strengthen your core will motivate you to begin new exercises today for a stronger, leaner core. Do you currently work you core? And if so, how often do you work your core? Work your core so you feel even stronger!

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