8 Important Health and Fitness Goals for 2013 ...


As we are entering the third month of the year, many of us may be starting to realize that the fitness goals for 2013 that we were determined to stick by back in January at the start of the year are starting to become all but a distant memory. I know for myself, I started out the year with grand fitness goals that have now dwindled down to perhaps an exercise or two a week – and I am certainly indulging in more than one bowl of ice cream a week. In an effort to stay on better track, I have decided to share 8 of the top fitness goals for 2013; and I hope that this puts both you and I back on the right fitness path.

1. Eating Right

One of the most important fitness goals for 2013 should be to eat a better diet. I am not talking about watching every calorie that you consume, but I am talking about cutting back on the pizza, the burgers and the gyros and making healthier choices, instead. Munch on veggies with hummus, have a salad topped with chick peas... you get the idea.

Whole Grain
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