If I Eat All Natural Unprocessed Foods and No Additives, Perservatives,or Chemicals Would My Body Naturally...?

lose weight. For example I've changed my diet to all foods from Trader Joe's nothing prepacked... it's all cooked. Here's and example day: Breakfast: Flat bread with two poached eggs and green olive tapenade
Snack: apple and raw almonds
Lunch: Low sodium tomato basil soup with flat bread
snack: banana
Dinner: fruit smoothie made with frozen fruits, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and hemp protein powder

snack: carrots and almonds No the above is basically all my diet consists of with different variations and different fruits and vegetables, but mostly my staples are above. Now the thing is I'm trying to slim down... I only need to lose about 15 pounds but I'm not doing a good job at sticking to my calorie goal and so I am wondering if I just continued to eat healthy, like actual healthy foods all natural unprocessed organic foods will my body naturally slim down over time due to the new healthy foods I'm putting into my body? I work out occasionally and I walk and ride my bike everywhere. I'm 5'3.5 130 pounds and would like to be a healthy 115 (just leaner) 20 yrs old. Any advice for me?

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