How to Use Free Weights in Your Weight Loss Routine ...


Congrats for taking steps to get to a healthy weight! This is never easy and requires some intense willpower and motivation, so good for you! The trick to weight loss is keeping things fresh so that you don’t get so bored that you throw in the towel. If you’ve reached a plateau, now is the time to add free weights to your routine. You will be shocked at how effective this can be. And lifting is fun too, so you can’t go wrong.

1. Start off Small and Slow to Prevent Injuries

Using free weights should be done in combination with your regular cardio for the best results. That being said, don’t jump in with two feet and go all out. You need to start with small weights and one set of reps so that you can build your strength over time. If you’re new to weights, start with 5 pound dumbbells so that you don’t get hurt. As you get stronger, you can move up to 10, 15 and beyond.

Start with Just One Set of Reps
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