How to Make This Your Slimmest Winter of All Time ...


Winter is usually the time where people tend to turn to comfort foods which are high in calories and hide indoors. Since most winter clothing consists of bulky clothing to keep you warm, a few extra pounds can easily hide. But for some this can be as much as 15 pounds of winter weight. So before you join the weight gaining crew, layer up with clothes and get outside for your workout. There is a winter wonderland that will help you to stay healthy feel great and make this year the slimmest winter of all time!

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Increase Your Cardio

People often hide in the winter under a bundle of workouts and skimp on their cardio. But if you are that cold, the best way to warm up is with your own body heat in a cardio workout. Combat the winter weight gain and add two double workouts per week with a total of 6 days of fitness. Make this winter slim and sexy!


Bundle up and Bear the Cold

Dress in layers and get outside to have some fun in the snow with a snowball fight, build a snowman or even your very own igloo. Have some fun and enjoy the change of seasons. It will not be here to stay for long so make the most of that white stuff and enjoy the cool, crisp temperatures!


Sip on Tea

Sip on some tea with me to relax your soul, calm your stomach and fill you up. Tea is a staple in the winter for me because it seems to warm me and make me feel at ease. What is your winter warming beverage?


Enjoy Slimming Soup

Studies show having soup can help to curb your appetite and slim you down. Enjoy a healthy low fat veggie soup to calm yourself and slim down. This with a salad makes a healthy meal that will put you in the mood to snooze. So enjoy this for dinner!


If It is Unsafe Perform a HIIT Workout Indoors

In the event of ice and snow, you may feel like there is nowhere to go for your workout; stay indoors and perform a high intensity interval workout. This workout will help you to boost your metabolism, build your endurance and just feel better!


Never Skip Your Workout Because of the Cold

Do not swap your fitness session for a night with hot cocoa under the covers. The only regret you will ever have is that you missed your workout. So push yourself to exercise and your body will thank you with great results. And you can make this your slimmest winter ever!


Drink More Water

As the seasons change people often complain about having dry skin and feeling parched. This is because most often people drink less in the winter. Save your skin, slim down and feel less parched by staying hydrated all winter lone. 8-10 glasses of water a day does a body good!

With all these slimming tips to help you to make this your slimmest winter yet, stop reading, get up and get going to achieve the results that you deserve!

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