How to Make This Your Slimmest Winter of All Time ...


Winter is usually the time where people tend to turn to comfort foods which are high in calories and hide indoors. Since most winter clothing consists of bulky clothing to keep you warm, a few extra pounds can easily hide. But for some this can be as much as 15 pounds of winter weight. So before you join the weight gaining crew, layer up with clothes and get outside for your workout. There is a winter wonderland that will help you to stay healthy feel great and make this year the slimmest winter of all time!

1. Increase Your Cardio

People often hide in the winter under a bundle of workouts and skimp on their cardio. But if you are that cold, the best way to warm up is with your own body heat in a cardio workout. Combat the winter weight gain and add two double workouts per week with a total of 6 days of fitness. Make this winter slim and sexy!

Bundle up and Bear the Cold
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