How to Lose Weight from Your Face ...

By Glenys

How to Lose Weight from Your Face ...

Are you the kind of person who has chubby cheeks, or a bit of a double chin, but no other weight issues on any other part of your body? It seems to be a really cruel twist of fate for some of us. Our BMIs are healthy and our bodies overall are fine, but for some reason, we have fat faces! If that sounds like you and you want to do something about it, then here is how to lose weight from your face.

1 Stay Hydrated

It is really important that you make sure to stay as hydrated as you can all the time. Water plays a vital role in weight loss and weight retention, so the more beneficial fluid you have in your system to help the process, the quicker and more effectively you can shift pounds. Not to mention, the hydration will provide your skin with an extra boost and glow that will improve your looks at the same time.

2 Healthy Swaps

Make some choices to cut specific things out of your diet that might be keeping that stubborn face weight in place. Carbs are often a problem, so experiment with things like swapping out pasta for courgetti, rice to quinoa, and sugary fruit juices for vegetable smoothies instead.

3 Cardio

Cardio is the type of exercise that you should be focusing on. The better your cardiovascular health is, the faster your metabolism will run, and when you have a fast metabolism, your body walks harder to reach the stubborn areas where the fat still hasn’t been burned away as you would like.

4 Facial Exercises

You might not be able to target fat loss in your face but you can certainly tone it up to reduce the overall look. Facial exercises are designed to tighten and tone your muscles, so find a routine you can do regularly.

5 Makeup

If you pop onto YouTube you can find hundreds of video tutorials on contouring and applying makeup to change the shape of your face, whether it is to take attention away from your apple cheeks or lessen your double chin. You'll be surprised the power of makeup has to make your face look slimmer.

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