How to Drink Water for a Flatter Stomach ...

When it comes to losing weight, one thing that many people intend to focus on is losing tummy fat and getting that flat stomach that they have always dreamed of. Iā€™m sure you know all of the fundamentals for making this happen, about all of dietary changes you need to make and all of the dedicated exercise that you need to do, but have you remembered to consider just how important water is too? Here is how to drink water to get a flat stomach.

1. Step 1

To be most effective, you need to make sure that the water you are drinking is ice cold, because this is the best way to boost your metabolism. Your body goes in to overdrive trying to warm up the water inside you, and this will result in burning much more energy both then and for the next few hours before you drink another ice cold glass to start the process all over again.

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