How to do Walking to Lose Weight ...


Walking is an excellent way to get exercise without worrying about pulling a muscle or overexerting yourself. Most people find walking to be perfect for shedding a few pounds and increasing muscle mass over time. Just about anyone can add walking to their daily routine without any ill side effects. Some individuals may want to consult their doctor before starting a walking regimen, due to any existing health conditions they may have. All you need is a pair of quality shoes with good arch support and lots of cushion. Once you have your walking shoes on, follow the following tips on how to do walking to lose weight and youโ€™ll be on the way to a healthier new you.

7. Include a Hill or Two in Your Walking Route

Walking uphill burns a lot more calories and increases muscle tone faster than sticking to flat land. Try going up at least one hill during your walking routine. If possible, add in one or two more hills as you become progressively stronger and in better shape. By burning more calories while you hike up the hill, youโ€™ll be able to lose weight faster too!

Keep Hydrated
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