How to Deal πŸ™ when You Broke up with πŸ’” Your Diet πŸ₯— over the Weekend 😬 ...


Anyone who has ever made the decision to go on a diet will know that the weekends can be an absolute minefield of temptation! If you are spending time with family or friends, and you are doing things that are different from your normal work week routine, it can be really easy to stray from your diet and indulge in a few unhealthy eating habits. When you are thinking long-term with your diet plan, it’s not about punishing yourself for indulging, it’s all about how you react and get back on the wagon! Here is how to deal when you broke up with your diet over the weekend!

1. Omega 3

If you have had a weekend filled with salty, sweet, calorific junk foods, you should try to counterbalance that with a new breakfast regime of smoked salmon and eggs to get a solid omega 3 fatty acids fix. The junk food will have tried to damage and clog up your arteries, and the omega 3 has the opposite effect of that.

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