Here's What You Should Reward Yourself with Instead of Food ...

It can be so tempting to gorge on a Mexican feast after you finish a 5K or go have ice cream after a run on the treadmill. Resist the temptation! Often, we overestimate how many calories we burn during a workout, which can result in totally undoing all our hard work. Of course, a reward on your weight loss journey keeps your motivation from flagging, so go ahead and get yourself something. Just don’t make it food. Try these really fun ideas instead.

1. A Fabulous New Pair of Shoes

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Are you a new runner and you’ve just finished your first race? How about rewarding yourself with that sweet new pair of trainers you’ve been eyeing? They’ll last longer than any meal and you can feel great about getting back out there and prepping for your next big event. I’m eyeing a turquoise with leopard print pair. What about you?

2. A Mani/Pedi

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Exercise is hard work so you definitely deserve some relaxation. Book yourself a mani/pedi when you reach one of your weight loss goals. Knowing it’s coming gives you something to look forward to and a reason to keep up with your program. Once you reach a goal, it makes you feel like all your hard work was worth it.

3. That New Workout Gear You Want

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I don’t know about you, but I feel much better working out when I’m wearing something cute. Say you’ve stuck with your routine diligently for the last two weeks. Go ahead and buy a new outfit. It will keep you excited about keeping up with your workout schedule and make you feel awesome while you’re doing it.

4. Date Night

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I have kids so my husband and I don’t get out alone much. In the same boat? Schedule yourself a long overdue date night with your significant other. You’ll look forward to it so much that you won’t want to hinder your goals and stop your progress. A movie or ice skating are non-food choices that will be loads of fun.

5. How about a Makeover?

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Some department store beauty counters will give you a mini makeover, even if you don’t buy anything. Give yourself a confidence boost by getting one. Combined with your weight loss success, you will feel fantastic with a whole new look. And you might even like it so much that you can make all that makeup you want part of the reward.

6. A Day off

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You’ve been vigilant about clocking your workout time and have seen lots of results. Good for you! Now you need a break, but just for a day. Reward yourself by skipping the workout and going shopping or lying in the backyard with a magazine and a tall glass of iced tea. You’ll be ready to get back to it with a vengeance tomorrow and you won’t lose any of your progress.

7. Cold, Hard Cash

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Who doesn’t love getting cash as a reward? I know I do. When you start your weight loss journey, put away a set amount of cash each time you make a healthy choice or get your workout in. After you reach a certain goal, get that money, count it up and do something fun with it (that isn’t eating).

Which reward are you going to give yourself? Do you have any other fun ideas?

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