How to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism πŸ”for Girls Needing Help with Weight Loss βœ… ...


When you metabolism is revved, you burn more calories in a resting state. Sounds pretty good, right? There are plenty of products and diets out there that claim to speed your metabolism without much effort. The truth is that you may need more than those fads to get yours going. In fact, there are several tweaks you can make to your daily routine that will get your metabolism humming along so that you can burn more calories and lose some weight. Try these and let me know how it goes.

1. Start Lifting Weights a Couple of Times Each Week

This is the single best way to get your metabolism going. When you build lean muscle mass, you naturally burn more calories. In fact experts say that for every pound of fat you turn to muscle, you burn an additional 14 calories per day. Maintaining muscle, even in a resting state, requires more energy, so your body burns more calories when it’s muscular. Aim for two or three strength training sessions each week.

Drink a Jolt of Caffeine before You Exercise
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