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What are the ways to decide what to eat every day to help you lose weight? If you plan each meal based on the calorie content and you feel like you are a touch away from starving yourself, you need to switch up your current eating plan. Your life should not be about deprivation,;this can lead to illness and other deficiencies. So how do you figure out what and when to eat? Here are the ways to decide what to eat every day:

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Eat to Live

Stop eating based on your cravings and start eating to live. If you eat to live, you will embrace healthier choices and seek out what your body needs rather than the unhealthy food it may want at the moment. Seek out healthy grains, vegetables and fruits so you will get all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Eating to live is one of the best ways to decide what to eat every day!


Do Your Research

Do not jump on the latest fad diet because it is what the celebrities are doing. Just because other people are doing it does not make the right thing for you. Do your research and find the food plan that will benefit your health the most. Search for a balanced food plan that is proven to improve your health and waistline!


Go Grocery Shopping

Get rid of all the tempting food in your home. If it is unhealthy, throw it out because having this food in your home will only lead you astray from making healthy choices. Now go food shopping and stock up your refrigerator with fruits and veggies. Cut them up and prepare for ease to help you get on the right track for weight loss success.


Visit a Nutritionist

If you are feeling torn between the endless food plans, visit a nutritionist to find the best program for you. Some things to take an account are your goals and your current activity level. A nutritionist can help you to get on the right track so you eat an adequate amount of calories without sacrificing nutrient density, to help you to meet your goals.


Listen to Body Cues

Stop remembering what your mama made you do as a child and stop eating everything on your plate. Instead of finishing every crumb, learn to listen to your body cues and stop eating before you stuff yourself. If you use portion control, it is usually a sure thing that you cannot go wrong.


Look at the Number on the Scale

If you think you are doing everything right with your eating but the number keeps rising on the scale, you may want to rethink your current strategy. Weigh in once a week and use this number as a gage to reflect if what you are eating really is the right food for you and your body!


Ignore the Unhealthy Cravings

The 10pm craving for ice cream just might mean you need to get to bed. Ignore your unhealthy cravings to save yourself calories or replace it with something healthier like cut up veggies and homemade dip. Often our cravings are due to being tired or bored, so ignore the unhealthy to get in tune with better health!

So are you ready to eat healthy and make the best food choices for your health? Then get to the store to revamp your refrigerator - today!

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For #6, I would not use the scale as a gage, for you may lose fat and gain muscle and it won't show in the numbers. However, gage by your best jeans and outfits. Are they getting looser? Is your bra getting too big?Also, for #7, you can help pass those cravings by drinking water and getting your body and mind engage on a task.

@goddessoflight, Your comments will be deleted until you can keep a civil tongue. You don't have to be so rude yet every comment you make is so disparaging. We've had enough. This is not a platform for your hate. Take it elsewhere.

I agree using you best fitting clothes is a better gage because muscle weighs more than fat.

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