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7 Seeds to Eat Now for a Healthier You in 2 Weeks ...

By Eliza

You’ve probably heard about how wonderful nuts are for your health, but seed are also a really great choice. They are pretty easy to find and you can nibble on them by the handful or use them to make meals that are delicious and nutritious. Wondering which seeds are best? Most of them are going to have wonderful health benefits, but get started with these. They’re pretty easy to find and they taste just right.

1 Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsYou’ve probably heard of chia seeds by now. Yes, they are the same ones that went on those Chia Pets from our childhood. They have an outstanding nutrition profile and they are pretty easy to work with. Soak the seeds in milk and honey and you have a delicious pudding for breakfast. You can also whirl them into smoothies or scatter them over salads.

2 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin SeedsThese are probably by far the easiest to find seeds out there. You can find them in grocery stores and convenience stores all across the world. You can snack on them plain, but they work wonderfully in tossed veggie salads or mixed into veggie soup. Pumpkin seeds can also be used in muffins and sweet breads.


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3 Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower SeedsSunflower seeds are my absolute favorite! I like to snack on the shelled version, but the ones that come in bulk already shelled are great for adding to salads. I love them on a kale salad with homemade ranch dressing. Look for the unsalted sunflower kernels so that you don’t overdo it on sodium.

4 Sesame Seeds

Sesame SeedsThese little seeds are packed with nutrition and they have a pretty mild flavor. However, it’s a taste that just perfect for meals like stir-fry and sesame chicken. They are easy to sprinkle on your meals, no matter what they are. Sesame seeds aren’t a great choice for snacking, but they are great for adding a great nutty flavor to a plethora of meals.

5 Hemp Seeds

Hemp SeedsDon’t worry – these don’t have any of the chemicals that make people think of marijuana when they think of hemp. These seeds are stand outs in the nutrition department and are one of the few really great sources of protein that comes from plants. Use the seeds to make hemp milk or mix them into fruit smoothies or baked goods.

6 Flax Seeds

Flax SeedsFlax is a great nutritional source and is super easy to use. It has a very mild flavor so you can hide it in a huge variety of foods. Ground flax is perfect for giving smoothies a nice consistency. They also work well in muffins and bread that features fruit. The flax offers a nice flavor to your baked goods without dramatically changing things. Try it in pancakes and waffles too.

7 Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate SeedsThese seeds come out of the pomegranate fruit and are packed with nutrients. In fact, they are a superfood and are a rich source of antioxidants that you need to stay healthy. Pomegranate seeds are the perfect addition to a yogurt parfait and you can also add them to smoothies. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds in a spinach salad for a dash of sweetness. However you eat them, your tongue and your body will thank you.

What seeds do you eat? Do you think you’ll try any of the new ones on this list that you’ve never tried before?

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