7 Healthy Portable Snacks to Load up on ...

By Tara

Often in the midst of your running errands you find yourself famished, and healthy portable snacks would come in handy in your weight loss plan. If you do not have healthy snacks easily available you may find yourself ordering out at the nearest restaurant. Or you may find yourself searching for change in your wallet to choose a snack at the nearest vending machine. Avoid an energy crash by eating mini meals throughout the day. Snacks are an essential component of any balanced weight loss plan. Here are some healthy portable snacks that you should enjoy as part of your meal plan.

1 Apples

Apples Apples are easily portable snack that taste great! Apples are great to have handy because they have pectin in them, which is a natural fat burner. And an apple a day will help to boost your metabolic rate. You can purchase a bag of apples and by the weekend you will find the bag empty because they are easily portable. So pack an apple in your bag each day! This tops my healthy portable snacks!

2 Yogurt

Regular or Greek yogurt is a great snack because it helps you reach your daily need for both calcium and protein. Just make sure you avoid yogurt with added sugar by reading the food labels. If you want to add some sweetness to your yogurt, add some fresh berries yourself.

3 Carrot Sticks

I love carrot sticks because they taste great with their crisp crunch and they are so healthy! Carrots are best known for their high supply beta-carotene and vitamin C. This crunchy veggie packs loads of great nutrition. The biggest focus of this easily portable food is its anti-cancer benefits. Save your life and your waistline with this crunchy vegetable!

4 Tomatoes

Tomatoes Grape tomatoes are an easily portable snack that you can put in a zip lock bag and tote with you. Tomatoes have been proven to better heart health and also to lower cholesterol. So bring some tomatoes along for the day for a heart healthy life!

5 Berries

Berries Blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are powerful antioxidant fruits that help to prevent cancer and are great for digestive health. Berries are high in fiber and taste great. So bring a baggie of these berries with you for the day so you can enjoy health benefits!

6 Spinach

Spinach To get your allowance of iron, calcium and folate, bring along a spinach smoothie or a spinach salad. This is easily portable and it packs a large amount of nutrients. So bring along a spinach shake to fuel your body the right way!

7 Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs I am partial to eggs because this is a great source of lean protein and if you begin your day with eggs, you will be more satisfied for the day. Studies show that people who eat eggs have lower fat stores and better health. An easily portable snack is egg whites, so bring along some hard boiled eggs and you will get plenty of protein and extra energy for the day!

If you bring healthy portable snacks along with you for the day, you will boost your metabolism, have more energy and better your health. If you plan healthy snacks for the day you will plan for great success. What is your favorite portable snack? Enjoy happy and healthy eating for your health. You are worth it!

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