7 Healthy Holiday Tips to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals ...


With visions of sugar plums and holiday treats dancing in your head it is time for you to follow my healthy holiday tips for weight loss. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, between the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, people gain between three and seven extra pounds. Although that may not seem like a large weight gain, once this weight is gained most people do not lose it. As your certified trainer I can help you with my healthy holiday tips so that you can reach your weight loss goals!

1. Start Your Day with a Workout

With the sun rising later in the winter due to daylight savings, it is often hard to get motivated to get up out of bed and get going. Get up and push yourself to a wake up workout so you have the payoff of bettered health, more energy, and a better body. I rise early every day because this is usually the only time I can find to dedicate to focus on my personal fitness so do what works with your schedule. This is one of my effective holiday tips that really transforms you.

Stock Your Home with Healthy Treats
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