10 Healthy Foods That Will Shrink Your Waist ...


10 Healthy Foods That Will Shrink Your Waist ...
10 Healthy Foods That Will Shrink Your Waist ...

If you are trying to lose weight and shrink your midsection down, you are probably exercising and eating healthy. And since diet is a key component in slimming down, what you eat is a game changer. If you knew certain foods that would help you whittle your waist easier, I bet you would stock the fridge with these essentials regularly. And the great news is there are specific foods that can do just this; help you to slim down and lower body fat stores on your middle. These foods are higher in protein and fiber to help you stay full for longer and as a result you will be more mindful of the food choices you make. So stop waiting, start food shopping and make your dreams a reality!

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Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Chia seeds are an essential food item you should have in your cabinet because they are a rich source of protein. Chia seeds will help to energize your body and keep you fuller for longer. Chia seeds will also speed up your digestive tract so this will eliminate bloating and have you feeling light and lean! So sprinkle so chia seeds in your cereal, oatmeal and even your shakes!


Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers Kick up the flavor and your metabolic rate with some hot peppers! Adding peppers to your meal can boost your metabolism up to a whopping 25 percent. And the surge in metabolism can last for up to three hours post eating. Totally winning as you are slimming your waist along with your entire body!



Berries Loaded in cancer fighting and immunity boosting antioxidants, berries can help curb cravings for dessert and also keep you full because of their high fiber content. Berries can add a hint of sweetness to your dishes and can also be incorporated in smoothies or salads. Fresh berries are also loaded in vitamins and minerals. And even though berries contain sugar, their high fiber slows digestion and makes them a great source of energy.


Kale or Spinach

Kale or Spinach The latest craze and for good reason is the leafy green, kale. This powerhouse green is similar in nutritional components to spinach. And since it is loaded in vitamin K, it is great in bringing down inflammation in the body, helping you to feel less bloated and more lean!



Lentils Lentils are the ultimate powerhouse of nutrition because of the high iron, fiber and low fat content. This legume is a dieter’s dream. Lentils are great in soup or as the main of any meal!



dish, food, meal, breakfast, egg, Start your day the right way with a workout and then some eggs. Eggs have a metabolic boosting content because of the high lean protein. By choosing to start your day with eggs, you will have a metabolism surge and just feel better. So enjoy your workouts and eggs on a regular basis to slim down, shape up and whittle your waist!



Yogurt Yogurt can help better your gastrointestinal tract which can slim down your belly as a result. Just skip the flavored version and have plain yogurt. You can always add berries and almond slivers for extra flavor. Yogurt will help to boost the beneficial bacteria in your body which as a result will help you to slim down!



food, tomato, produce, plant, fruit, Whether you consider them a fruit or a vegetable, the bottom line is they've got tons of healthy things in them for you. Considered a superfood for its antioxidants, weight loss abilities, and fiber, you feel fuller longer and protect your health for the long haul.


Pine Nuts

food, dish, meal, plant, produce, Often overlooked in the dieting world, pine nuts are great. They contain an ingredient that actually suppresses your appetite. Allow yourself to binge eat on these small crunchy delights. Your body gets satisfied and you don't have to feel guilty.


Peanut Butter

dish, food, meal, breakfast, dessert, This is great for those who struggle to control their sweet tooth. It's filled with good fats that can actually aid your fat loss from your body. It's versatile (toast, smoothies, plain) so you can eat it everyday and not get sick of it. You can also opt for almond butter as a peanut butter alternative.

With all these foods that can help you to whittle your middle, it's time to head to the food store, get shopping and get moving in your workouts. We are who we choose to be by the choices we make each and every day. So choose to just be healthier!

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Oh yes i agree!

Oh yeah!! I have all of them in my kitchen :*

I heard a glass of ice cold water can do wonders in the morning. I heard it boosts your metabolism thus trimming your waist.

Can't wait to try! I've a month to shrink this flab out like a midnight story. Wish me luck!

Great list!

Organic raspberries in my fridge - I need to get onto those :P

Omgg yes consuming these delicious foods will definitely trim your waist line! Already had people tell I look skinnier ands what's my secret HA😃


Thank you ladies!!

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