8 Health Benefits of Drinking Water ...


Everything we do – no matter how small and inconsequential an action it might be – is related to water. That’s why health experts out there are trying to drill it into your head how important it is for you to keep that water bottle by your side. In this article I am going to take you through the 8 health benefits of drinking water. It’s not easy compiling this list given that water, or rather the lack of it, has got far reaching consequences on the body. However, I’ve picked the scariest ones possible so you think twice before going thirsty and thinking nothing about it again.

1. Prevents Arthritis, Lower Back Pain & Rheumatoid Joint Pain

Rickety bones and painful joints aren’t just an indication of old age. It also signals to the lack of water in the body. In fact, did you know that those nasty lower back pains that prevent you from romping with your kids could also be caused by water deficiency?

Maintains the Young-looking Skin
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