8 Great Tips for Gorgeous Calves ...


8 Great Tips for Gorgeous Calves ...
8 Great Tips for Gorgeous Calves ...

Boy, have I got some fantastic tips for calves for you! Summer's coming up, which means you'll be showing more skin. I'm not just talking about swimsuits either, you'll also be wearing shorts and capris and cropped pants, I'm sure, which means improving your calves so they'll look shapely, toned, and smooth. Mind, I'm not talking about getting huge, bulging muscles – unless that's what you want, of course. This is all about getting a toned appearance, highlighted by skirts, shorts, espadrilles, and flip flops! Learn how to improve your calves so they're curvy, taut, and gorgeous, just by reading on!

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Take Care of Hair

If you don't shave or wax, these tips for calves might not be up your alley. Otherwise, remember to keep your bare legs smooth! There are lots of ways to do that, as you'll see, but first you have to get rid of the hair. Whether you shave, wax, use a depilatory cream, or prefer another method, you'll want to keep your calves free of stubble. There are things you can do afterward which will help keep them smoother for longer, too!


Exfoliate the Skin

Exfoliating your skin is another great tip for calves that makes them look smoother. Your legs get dead skin just as much as any other area – more, really, since they're always getting wet in the bath or shower, they come into contact with soaps, gels, creams, and razors, and they might not always get enough moisture. The buildup of dead skin makes them look rough and dry, so using a good body scrub on your calves can make them much smoother!


Go Swimming

Let's take a break from skincare for a moment and turn to exercise. If you want to tone your calves, you have to do activities that work your muscles. Swimming is great, because you spend so much time kicking your legs, with your toes pointed. That can slim as well as tighten your calves. You can also think about water aerobics or other aquatic activities.


Climb Stairs

I've got lots of tips for calves that involve toning exercises, but this is one of the best. It's easy to do this every day without even thinking about it. If you've got stairs in your home, take advantage of them. I live on the third floor, y'all, it works! Whenever possible, always choose the stairs over the elevator – or even the escalator – outside of the house. Do it at the office, in school, at the train station or the airport, and at the shops. Even if you're using a stair climber at the gym, go for it. That resistance is great!


Moisturize Every Day

Back to skin care, using a moisture every day goes a long way toward improving your calves. Make sure the skin stays hydrated, so you can keep rough or dry skin at bay. In addition to exfoliating, it keeps your calves smooth skinned and soft. Whenever you're going to be in the sun, make sure that you're either using a lotion that has SPF or that you use sunblock along with your daily moisturizer!


Protect Them

That's just one way of keeping your calves in good condition. You have to protect them in other ways as well. If you get any shaving nips or scrapes, make sure to disinfect them and apply some topical ointment. It's good to go with something that prevents scarring. Be careful when it comes to falling down or bumping into anything as well, to avoid any bruises or abrasions.


Do Leg-Centric Exercises

Along with swimming and climbing the stairs, there are many exercises designed to solely benefit your legs – and they often target your butt as well as your calves and thighs. Squats are great, as they really focus on the muscles in your calves. Jumping is helpful as well, not to mention fun. Whether you do jumping jacks, use a rope, or have a good time on a trampoline, it will help your calves. Just walking helps too, as does jogging or riding a bike.


Stretch It out

Learning how to improve your calves requires more than just exercise. General stretching will keep your muscles lean and long, and it's so easy to stretch every day. Go up on your toes periodically throughout the day, do yoga, or simply repeat lunges at the end of the day. Doing so will also keep you limber and flexible, plus it keeps your muscles from getting tired.

I really hope you find these tips for calves as helpful as I have. I've already started on a great calf-beautifying regimen that involves both exercising and taking care of my skin. I have larger calves so I also want to trim them a little, which means doing more of the exercises. If you only want a bit of toning, you can simply incorporate two or more of these exercises into your regular workout – the level is all up to you! What do you do when it comes to improving your calves?

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